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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Experienced and dedicated workforce to humanitarian needs

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I have worked with the Canadian Red Cross since 1986, took a two year hiatus and returned to support the COVID work. This is an example of how experience and dedication are awarded and recognized by the organization. It has always been a place of serious business coupled with fun loving people committed to the work.
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Collaborate workplaces, good co-workers

Canadian Red Cross is an excellent place to work with important and meaningful work, interesting and collaborative co-workers and opportunities for advancement. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
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Great experience

Great place to work. Interview is quite rigorous but the job and work-life balance is worth it. Adequate training is provided and salary is quite decent.
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Job and site supervisors are good. Corporate structure is complex and difficult to navigate. Lack of communication between departments.

Helping people is worthwhile and appreciated by immediate management and clients. Being part of a team brings comraderie and is energizing. At higher levels there is much confusion and miscommunication, including a high degree of uncertainty and expressed frustration. Working as a contractor rather than a permanent employee makes securing finances and housing difficult, due the potential risk of loss of income.

Points positifs

Team building, travel and new frequent new adventures.

Points négatifs

Lack of job security as a contract worker, difficult to secure finances or housing, lack of stability, lack of authority to enact change/fix problems
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Engaging Work

Your coworkers feel like family and the work is incredibly rewarding/engaging. There is a culture of support and collaboration. Strong work/life balance, albeit reduced during major responses.
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Meaningful work but work exhausting, toxic work culture

The Red Cross operates according to rigid hierarchy. It's a very middle class culture & many employees aspire to higher positions in the organization so there's lots of competition. There is little to no transparency on the part of management. Nobody can speak honestly about internal problems. Donors must be protected at all costs from hearing about internal issues. The pay is ok, the work is meaningful but they really work their people too hard & provide little to no training.

Points positifs

You get to meet lots of wonderful volunteers.

Points négatifs

Toxic internal culture. Old school patriarchal style management. No transparency.
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This particular Red Cross location lacked compassion, respect and a honest process

During my work experience at this Red Cross location during a stressful time in the City of Calgary, the gossip, administrative dysfunction, lack of nonbiased and cultural insensitivity were extensive. Lack of compassion and empathy was incredible. It was such a shock as the Red Cross has an international reputation of a humanitarian organization. That they demonstrate and embrace value-based leadership- regrettably, the Calgary location does not.

Points positifs

Some of the staff and many of the clients

Points négatifs

Disfunctional leadership and their promotion and validation of gossip
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Ok place to work

Too stressful, not enough support, lack of direction and training . Often times performing responsibilities that were not in the job description nor any training for
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Excellent place to work

I supported the vice president for Alberta and the Northwest Territories and provided administrative support to the HR department. Everyone I worked with was fantastic and supportive.
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Good Place to work

Great place to know about the vulnerable people's situation in Canada and all over the world. Enjoy working with CRC. Very friendly co-workers and understanding management
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workplace is fun place

A typical day at work is great. You feel fulfilled putting smiles on the vulnerable people. The workplace culture is great, everyone is super friend and ever ready to support each other.
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Values Volunteers

This is an agency that values their volunteers and uses their talents in Disaster situations. I love volunteering with them. They provide any training that you may need. This position requires you to be empathetic to others without discrimination
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pretty geat

I had the advantage of being able to work with a family member and people I already knew, the atmosphere was very friendly and everyone got along well. I'd love to be able to work there full time, but I need the proper requirements first lol

Points positifs

everyone was friendly, free lunches

Points négatifs

some customers were rude but oh well
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My experience in canadian red cross

Data Entry Clerk Data Entry Friendly co workers Good supervisor to work in the office Polite customers who came to visit Red Cross Donations from red cross where it had to be entered in Raisers Edge
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This is one of the best places I have worked. they really try to make sure their employees are taken care of. they do offer competitive wages. It was all around a good place to work
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Very good place to work at. nice staff, good work hours, easy going. everyone is very helpful. Learn a lot about bullying. Overall very good. Enjoyed working there.
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fun working with different people

-working on assignment basis -learned how to be with different kind of nature and places and people -management depend on the area where you are assigned -the hardest part is how to deal with different people -the most enjoyable part is getting along with people

Points positifs

free travel

Points négatifs

no job security
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Flexible and friendly environment to work.

The best part of the job is that all cultures and backgrounds are respected. There are ongoing offers for opportunities to learn and take new responsibilities.

Points positifs

Flexibility, trainings

Points négatifs

Lack of employment stability due to funding
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Great Work Environment

While working at the Canadian Red Cross I learnt to manage my time to meet deadlines and multitask different jobs at one time. The management at Canadian Red Cross were very cooperative and approachable.
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fun workplace

The work place was literally the best they made everyone feel home, we were friends, we enjoy being there, the hardest thing was around 7 at night it gets really dark and cold and there is danger outside.

Points positifs

team dinner free on thursday

Points négatifs

I got home too late
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Red Cross Youth Leaders

I would be assigned to a school and present to elementary schools about bullying and how to prevent it and intervene in healthy ways. I took the training course which taught me a lot about bullying and how we should handle it as well as how if it isnt confronted early on it can cause permanent problems in the future. The management was good, I made friends with both the managers and my peers. The hardest part of the job was getting over my fear of public speaking which I got over pretty fast. The best part was seeing how the kids used the information from the presentations.

Points positifs

I got to work with kids and share knowledge on a safer environment for them.

Points négatifs

The only thing was they only got together once a month.
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