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I was a peer support worker and twice I was sent off work because my manager deemed me unwell this was based on the views of other staff so unprofessional.... Put me right into financial crisis and ecsaserbated my already mental health issues.... There was no offer of accommodation before I was sent off....I would have been alright if I had continued working but having to jump through hoops and advocate for myself with social services and employment insurance when I was at that point bet unwell....the Union just said get your doctor to send you back to work but remember they'll 'can you" of you don't fulfill the requirements of the job.....I have never fully recovered from that experience..... This was in CMHA HKPR out of Peterborough On..
. Again I probably could have fought this with the human rights commission but that requires time sand energy which at that point I didn't have sand ended up hospitalized....where I ran into fellow staff who were coming into to run groups.....I have never worked for an agency that discriminates against their employees because they may have mild depression......

Réponse du 25 juin 2020

Considering our DIRECTOR was making over$170k a year and most workers made around 30-50k maximum it was so sad that at bargaining we had to give up stuff we had to get a 2% raise.... That puts a wedge between management and employees right at the get go...I would personally take less money as an ED to ensure good wages for my employees

Réponse du 25 juin 2020

1. At least $20/hr for a start
2. Staf security

3. third party investigation for incidents

4. Proper guest management

Réponse du 25 mai 2020

Caring coworkers, and rewarding experiences with clients.

Réponse du 16 février 2020
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