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Production Worker15 avis
Canada15 avis

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3.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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If you work to your fullest this a good experience

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Learn alot of new skills. You can grow within the company if your willing to work hard and learn new positions. Some overtime is asked when the work needs to be done.

Points positifs

Day shifts. Weekends off

Points négatifs

Drama if you inject yourself.
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Productive and on hand training

Good working environment, very friendly ppl no working on weekends it is a Monday to Friday job hours are good 6-2:30/7-3:30 . The Assistant manager and Production manager are really good bosses to work for.
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Not good

I worst job i ever had they r very mean and rude i have never had to put up with worst management in my life some of the crew were nice but others were very rude

Points positifs

Friend good pay

Points négatifs

Bad management
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Great culture

everyone is very supportive and nice. good work life balance, very few working long hours except for one or two days during month end. rotational experiences are possible.
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Good job

Good work fast paced if you pay close attention it is easy. Have to be on time to the second on breaks. Got to have good decision making. Working with mop heads, sorting out mats that have been washed.
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Has job security

Lots of work to do, unionized, hot during the summer, cold in the winter. management is generally positive. Its a job, there isn't much else to say about it.
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It was ok

Friendly people but work was unorganized and uncomfortable. Not to mention surprise overtime. Environment was way too hot and humid especially considering the physical toll of the work itself.
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No work life balance

Job posting says 7 to 3:30..not.You cannot make plans They come to you at 1:00 and tell you your starting at 6 instead of 7 the next day.They also tell you your working overtime.Good for the extra money but its back breaking work and repetitive work.They do this everyday so if your looking for a 7 to 3:30 job dont work there.I dont mind overtime but everyday of it burns you out and you cant make plans. 7 to 3:30..not true.

Points positifs

Pay, medical

Points négatifs

Long hours, hard on the body, no work life balance
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Be little you and stab you in the back

Supervisors will throw you under the bus instead of taking responsibility for there own actions. They will not stand up for you. Lower Management will not talk to you face to face. Machines don't work properly but its your fault. 🤨🤨

Points positifs

Great place to work

Points négatifs

Pour attitude from supervisors
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It is a very productive company, however the managing is poor, no appreciation, we bust our butts off daily and for what? some days it feels like a jail. Don't get me wrong, you have your benefit's, weekends off, 40 hours a week, but is it all worth it in the end if you aren't happy? Its been a ride and they have taught me so much and its time to take those talents else where -

Points positifs

Weekends off, benefits

Points négatifs

no appreciation, poor managment, no free lunches
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production worker

heavy 8hr day sorting and preparing laundry for washing joint occupational and health rep for my dept. many friendly employees to help with work also taken to help in other departments when needed .... trained to operate washers dryers and convenor machines.
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Co- worker on the most part were great

This company required a lot of overtime, although this was difficult at times it was okay for the most part. Majority of the workers were hard working.

Points positifs

Great co-workers

Points négatifs

long hours, management when I ended employment was not good, since then has changed
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fast pase job

the job was difficult in the summer, no air condition and with all the machines on it got really hot fast. the hours were good Monday to Friday. hardest part of the job was lifting coverall through out the day it starts to hurt the shoulders.
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Longest and best job I ever had

The laundry industry can be very hard. Always dealing with soiled mats, garments, linen, etc... This position is the one that allowed me to gain the most experience in general labourer and production.
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Worst job i had

Poor management, poor safety conditions, hours weren't stable. Very hot temperature conditions and low salary.

Points positifs

Production skills and knowledge gained

Points négatifs

All of the above.
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