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Winnipeg, MB14 avis

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3.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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long hours

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a typical day includes entering everything for your branch... eft's credit cards and cheques but you're under pressure to get everything done fast. and I wasn't fond of the supervisor asking personal questions at my desk. I don't need the whole floor to know everything about me .. It was unprofessional and none of her business. plus I felt like if I had different interests then everyone else i was left out of stuff. I felt like the outsider the whole time i worked there and i was there longer then a lot of the people. I didn' t feel included. I remember someone asking everyone but me if they could pick something up .. .I never felt welcome and for awhile they went through a lot of staff. a couple of times by the time I learned their name they were gone.

Points positifs

the pay was good.. every once in awhile they would have pizza day, hot dog day.

Points négatifs

long hours didnt make me feel like a part of the group felt pressured
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Good job

Good work fast paced if you pay close attention it is easy. Have to be on time to the second on breaks. Got to have good decision making. Working with mop heads, sorting out mats that have been washed.
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Not bad

there’s some nice coworkers But to me there were all nice The manager was the nicest person ever! He’s chill. A lot of people look depressed at that job.
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pays well for 4 days of work

Really good benefits and pays well for a 4 day work week. Would be nice if we could start earlier instead of 7am. Pressured to find new business and upsell all the time even though we have a sales team. Isn't that's what a sales team does?.....not here!!
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Great place to work.

During my time there I noticed the management really seems to care about their employees in an overall sense. They take care of their employees n treat them better then any other employer I've worked for.
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Too many changes

They want you to work hard and push you to your limits but you wont advance in this company unless you kiss up. Pay is ok and so are the benefits bur its still not enough for what theu expect of you and seniority only matters when it comes to holiday schedules. Management has changed and is terrible with the employees so many people have either quit or retired over my tenor more so over the past 2 years since management and ownership changed hands.
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Great place, everyone is very friendly. I had a blast working here.

Office setting style, learned a lot about accounts receivable work. Hardest part, little overwhelming but I like the constant work flow. If you like to multitask and crunch numbers while being accurate as can be. maybe be something you would like! I wish I could go back.

Points positifs

pizza days and short days

Points négatifs

consistent work longer days
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Busy Job

My typical day at work is always busy though I have learned so much being on this job. I like that we have a social committee that plans on having fun times like games at work during holidays or special days.
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Productive and fun atmosphere

Fun place to work with great people. I enjoyed my position in Accounts Receivable and had the opportunity to build great relationships with my customers.
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Fast paced enviroment.

My day would consist of coming in a half hour early to set up coffee station at most times. I would then greet all early employees to make sure to see who was in that day. I would then do my bank deposit each morning at 7;30 sharp. I then would send out all incoming email enquiries. I would also answer a 5 cisco phone line for 16 Canadian linen branches. I then would retrieve the mail ,that would be between 1 to 3 bins of mail. I would open and mark for appropriate branch. I would then stamp mail and send out all outgoing mail. every day usually consists of a very busy phone. The hardest part of the job would be not wanting to leave at the end of the day until everything was done. The most enjoyable part of my day was helping all customers that called in ,especially the angry ones , that I felt accomplished that I would make them laugh and feel better at the end of our call. I also enjoy talking with all my co-workers who I became good friends with.
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not a happy place

The department that I worked in was full of contradictory statements and actions
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Productive and fun work Place with Canadian Linen

I enjoy talking with customer, especially when they need my help. The hardest part of my life is to call people asking payment when they are on the point of being sent to Collection and the most enjoyable part of my job is when I get feedback from our customers

Points positifs

free coffee in weekly meeting

Points négatifs

long time on phone
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hardest part of my job is trying not to let people down. My job is very demanding and stressful at time.
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enjoyed working with co workers,learned other job duties.

days went by fast,like the hours. the hard part was in 1 department some would help some no!!!, but i enjoyed working there.
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