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Ottawa, ON13 avis

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3.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good working environment, very friendly ppl no working on weekends it is a Monday to Friday job hours are good 6-2:30/7-3:30 . The Assistant manager and Production manager are really good bosses to work for.
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Well Paid but hard on the body

The pay is pretty good, but they are really demanding. Long days, hard on the body, and some perks at some of the customer accounts. You are really just a number and that’s how management sees you. The people working in the plant are treated like slaves and do not make enough.

Points positifs

Good pay, Benefits, freedom when on route

Points négatifs

Hard on the body, Management
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An unproductive work place

It's the shitest place to work. Management is racist. They are so unreasonable and the management see the employees as enemies. It's a very toxic place
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Don't waste your time

You're basically a Janitor in a delivery truck, servicing 30-40 businesses per day, picking up dirty laundry/towels and dirty wet floor mats and changing mop heads.. Half the customers/businesses you service are rude to you because the Plant doesn't provide you with enough product.. Most of the time there's nowhere to park your truck.. so you may have to walk a block or two with dirty laundry bags... And once you've finally finished your day, thanking god you're finished, you have your Managers complaining that you could have finished faster.
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Best place I worked

Very clean, management is respectful, engineer team is very professional and nice, be very patient to new guys, working time is good, a lot of workers spend all of their career here, very good place
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The entire team is serious on work and help new comers to be familiar with the work; But they do not respect the time for break, especially for new comers
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Difficult and exhusting work enviornment

Working for Canadian Linen was worse than being in High School, everyone had their own clicks and loved to spread rumors ad gossip. The work was not very difficult but the atmosphere made everything more difficult and tiring when you finished work.
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Worst job you can imagine. Hot, heavy lifting, short breaks that don't allow for a recovery from the tasks you are assigned. Leadership is lacking, union reps are useless. The air in the plant is toxic wqith fumes and chemicals.

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Points négatifs

too many to mention
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Stay away

Horrible place to work, management one sided, very little support or help when needed, neglect company vehicles, even unsafe @ times. Will 100% take advantage of route jumpers, days are over loaded, not enough time to have lunch or breaks. Normal day is 10hr/day or more. Slavery @ its BEST!!! Management and staff are quitting on a monthly basis. Worst experience!!! NO STABILITY ( DO NOT APPLY )

Points positifs

weekend off, decent pay

Points négatifs

long hours, unsafe vehicles
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Detriorating workplace environment

Used to be a great place to work but workplace culture has gone down in quality for a while. Co-workers and mid level management were always great and supportive and would make working there tolerable. Going through some growing pains over the last few years we really got to see where upper management really stands. Employees are given unreasonable expectations and put in a position to fail on a daily basis. Most employees are miserable and upper management's inability to admit that anything is wrong is killing the workplace.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Upper management, workplace culture
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Fun workplace

Is a good company to work for it, they have a very good benefits. You can go up from csr to csm in a small period of time, with Canadian linen you can go far.
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The disadvantage about working here was production management turn over rate which made things very unorganized considering dead lines were needed to be met.

Points positifs

40 hours monday to friday NO NIGHTS NO WEEKENDS

Points négatifs

production manager turn over rate which made production VERY unorganized
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Very good place to work for entry level job

Overall, the company is very welcoming and friendly. There are many job titles and there is sure to be one that suits your needs. Worked only for a summer job, but Would recommend to others.
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