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Calgary, AB11 avis

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3.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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The faster you go. The earlier your done.

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I worked in Calgary base for 2years. Good pay. But they push hard. They want the job done in 8 or 10 hours. But if it takes 15 hrs you get in trouble. So what. But take pics of your hours of work at the end of every day. They will hack the punch clock and drop your hrs. I experienced it several times. After 6 months I got my route figured out. I was done in 8 hrs or so. But that’s hustling and they pay 10 hrs. If I remember right. I got fri sat sun off. 4 day work week is great. I hurt my back. And they had me string bags for light duty. Again they want 1000bags done by lunch. As a driver I laughed at this and done maybe 100 bags. You won’t see to many overweight guys working here. Very physical.

Points positifs

Good pay/benefits/hours

Points négatifs

Management pushes hard
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Negative atmosphere, No concern for employees

The Calgary location has a very negative atmosphere. The head manager is more concerned about making money and how he look than the employees. Union is weak. Company will do what they can not to help people hurt on the job. Delivery trucks often not working properly. I had to drive a truck in minus 20 with no heat.

Points positifs

none, no pros

Points négatifs

no security, trucks not operating properly, stressful
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Management SUCKS!! Not worth the money

I have worked for Canadian Linen in Toronto, kinda expected the same here in Calgary. But the management sucks. Trust me love yourself a little and dont work here

Points positifs

No Pros

Points négatifs

Management is horrible
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Very good work environment

Canadian Linen provided me with the foundation of the work I continue to do today. The work environment and culture is very team oriented and provided a healthy and satisfying employment experience. Although a fast paced work routine, the position of driver was both rewarding and met my employment expectations
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Don’t work here!!

Horrible manager Employees were good but the manager expected of you in the first week was unrealistic then what manager expect from you , equipment for example the RF scanner guns we go off-line every hour and stay down for 20 minutes or more and then manager will get upset that you weren’t fast enough doing inventory even when The manager knows the problems with the RF scanners and yet would blame you
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Not good, Run!

Management doesn't care about its people. Always looking to write someone up and threaten jobs rather than take accountability, train or have a discussion that isn't one sided and your input means nothing. Decent "work friends" but the common bond is venting about how sh!tty this place is. Work/Life balance is non existent because even when you're not there you're venting at home and dreading the next day

Points positifs

Great weight loss program, lift heavy stinky things and sweat for 12hrs.

Points négatifs

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greatplace to be at.

good place liked the hours lots of different people working here liked Monday to Friday great place and great people to work with would recimend this place,
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Racist management,very one sided

It's not a good company to work for in B.C. The managers work against the driver. They play the favoritism game instead of working for one common purpose

Points positifs

pay is good

Points négatifs

long hours, terrible managers, toxic environment
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Horrible people horrible job

Management sucks they don’t know there tail from there face The job it’s self is rediculus they expect u to push around. Hundreds of pounds at a fast pace even if it mean your safety is compromised

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Every thing
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Canadian Linen

This job was great, it required hard work and dedication. The reason i left this job was because my mom was sick and i had to return to Ontario to help her.

Points positifs

Great hours

Points négatifs

Low pay rate
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Driving each day is a different experience

The drivers are great people. Learned what businesses look for in terms of branding.

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Points négatifs

no lunch, long hours
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