Les Services de bien-être et moral des Forces canadiennes
Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services
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Great people to work with

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This was a great company to work for but it seems that since I have left, they have moved away from the belief that software engineering is their future. Also, management doesn't seem to share information too well, in terms of where the company is going.
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Too much pressure from the managers above. Working 70 hour weeks sometimes. New hires get treated like garbage. Force you to work overtime. Took well over a month for them to get my payroll to work so I went an entire month with no pay.

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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

Hoodwinked management

Management think they own the place. No system in place for the values and ethics they pride them selves for having. HR is a joke! No help whatsoever. Kingston location was the worst experience of my life! Cried everyday I was there from 3 months on the job until 2 years later when it came to an end! Absolutely the biggest bunch of selfish ppl in Kingston ! Absolutely no care or concern for the hard working lower employees. Management is out for themselves and that’s it.
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Great organization

I worked as casual part time kiosk attendant at JJ Parr and I get along well with my colleagues and supervisor. Great place to work. The facility us a bit dated but we all got along
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Overall I had a great time working at the pool. The staff were all very welcoming and helpful. When teaching and guarding everyone that came in was very respectful.

Points positifs

Great staff

Points négatifs

Pool would close sometimes due to chemicals.
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Old Boys Club

Double standards, dictator type management, assigned tasks outside scope of position, no compensation for overtime, mandatory professional development expected to be done on your own time, female workers held to a higher standard than their male counterparts.
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poor culture and poor mgmt team

very poor management and poor culture. Organization is trying to be entrepreneurial but is too tied to DND thinking and doing. No room for advancement, poor salary for managers, managers not able to think for themselves very directed by higher level managers.
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A great place to gain service experience

Get to work closely with military staff after they are dismissed from parades. Staff get to work in an independent environment and really hone bartender skills
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flexible lots of training easy going Led the project team responsible for the migration of cellular contracts from Rogers to Bell. Deployed new cellular devices. Assisted with server and network outages and deployed broadcast information to users as per the CIO. Rapidly diagnosing, troubleshooting and resolving client Hardware and software IT issues over the Phone, by email and in person.

Points positifs

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Predictable and consistent

Opportunities offered to learn and advance. predictability of daily expectations, and requirements. Security of employment and strong potential for consistent life-long employment.
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Great atmosphere, understaffed

This is a good office to work in, the people are great and the work is rewarding. Everyday you help out members of the canadian armed forces and the bases with the various accounting tasks. However, to due to the administration required for new hires is can take a while for vacancies to be filled.
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Every day is something new

Great opportunity to support Canadian Armed Forces on deployments around the world. Not for everyone though since military deployments are never your typical 37.5 hour work week. Every day will be different. Living and working with the same people for up to 6 months can be difficult.

Points positifs

Good salary + tax free allowances when deployed

Points négatifs

Long days, lack of freedom or personal space
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Good Workplace

The work environment was good and the hours could be flexible when needed. This job allowed me to develop new skills as well as improve on existing ones.

Points positifs

Great location
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Enjoyed my work at CFMWS

Very busy position but enjoyed all of it. Retired in 2011 to travel in the winter with my husband. Have been working from April to November upon my return. If work available I return to help them out.

Points positifs

Nice people, very interesting environment
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IT Department: worst ever experience

From the senior managements up to the CIO, this organization is incapable of much positive : whether it be serving their client base (no projects are delivered close to expectations) or serving the people the Mission statement claims, they do not care. It is an organisation driven by ego and personal gain (Apps Services Director, Ops Director), they promoter incompetence (CIO and others) and cultivate a culture of dis-interest, poor quality dis-enfranchisement of the tech resources that do care and are competent.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Mico-management of all, incompetent senior management, no cultural intelligence
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4 Wing Mess Manager

Plan, coordinate, manage, monitor, and evaluate the operations and delivery of messes’ activities and facilities. Plan, coordinate, manage, monitor, and evaluate the operations and delivery of bars’ services. Enforce the requirements for health, hygiene, safety, and security standards and programs. Ensure strict enforcement of provincial liquor legislation and DND, CF, and B/W/U policies concerning the responsible serving of alcohol, employee drinking restrictions, and customer behaviour. Manage employees. Manage employees’ work schedules and monitor employees’ performance. Manage employees’ training and development in required certification to meet provincial legislation in bar services. Authorize, monitor and document financial transactions/commitments. Develop and implement marketing strategy for messes’ activities and facilities. Coordinate functions, determine staff requirements and administer the protocol, table settings and arrangements, seating plans, table service and decoration, special menus, and beverage requirements. Manage all messes’ departments to meet operational demands (bars and events). Attend all major messes’ functions to supervise messes’ staff, personally greet and speak with patrons, and administer general arrangements. Respond to membership feedback and messes’ committee’s directives, keep members, PMCs and the responsible managers informed of current issues and concerns, and recommend changes to products or services where appropriate. Develop and prepare messes’ activities, bars operations budgets and business - 
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Completely unique environment with great perks

What more can I say? The environment is unique, extremely dynamic, and provides much advancement opportunity.
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