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Depends on the Pay scale and rank
Réponse du 4 août 2023
Pay is not enough and not equal the the cost of living, its basically a minimum wage job under a government organization, your lucky to be under a union, and the employer does provide the benefits under Canada Life, if your full time, you get health and dental, and a small pension, but it takes a huge chunk out of your pay, you do get paid sick days if your part-time, but that's retroactive to the hours you work, If you work overtime, they will allow you to get time off rather than pay you any overtime pay, - short answer is no, unless your a Senior Supervisor, your not paid fairly
Réponse du 29 mai 2023
Two weeks long, for basic follow-up, and a week longer for an interview.
Réponse du 29 mai 2023
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Toxic and full of cliques. You will succeed if you are part of the inner circle and have the same mindset, but if you want to succeed on your own and you try to do well, putting your energy into being an asset and hard worker, ve prepared to be fired
Réponse du 10 mai 2023
The staff and management are absolutely the worst and most stressful part of working with this company. Their lack of compassion and understanding is staggering, God help you if you have a learning disability
Réponse du 10 mai 2023
Oui maintenant
Réponse du 15 mars 2023
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