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=une journée de travail typique est répétitif et assis. =culture du lieu de travail ça dépens du lieu et de l environnement de =travail entre un centre fiscal et un bureau de district et principal =aspect le plus difficile de mon poste ce sont les relations de travail =aspect le plus agréable de mon poste d avoir un salaire régulier et des avantages sociaux inclus.

Points positifs

travail stable permanent

Points négatifs

aucune possibilité de carrière encourager positivement
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Great employer!

Great employer; great pay. Can be stressful answering calls from taxpayers. There is a lot of support from colleagues. Excellent benefits as well including the Employee Assistance Program.
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Points forts
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
Points à améliorer
  • Absence de stress

Good pay and benefits

Great pay and benefits but find it hard to move up in the company if you do not have an accounting background of some sort. Very fasted paced can be very overwhelming whe. You first start but the company offers great training

Points positifs

Good pay, paid sick days and benefits

Points négatifs

Dealing with upset tax payers
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Relaxed and stress free environment

The mailroom was a fast paced but overall stress free environment. The pay is much higher than similar positions outside the organization and the tasks are all relatively simple.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Term positions
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Fun place to work with little stress

Roles are well defined, job stress is low, advancement opportunities, fair compensation. Work can become repetitive and uninteresting, but there are many positions you can be moved to.
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Support, promotions, encouragement

I began with CRA in the call center and was able to work into a senior collection agent within the company. Courses are provided to assist you. You can take an accounting program that you will be fully reimbursed upon completion. Excellent benefits, good pension, ability to work across Canada.

Points positifs

Learn public speaking with Toastmasters, Minority groups have paid gatherings, Time available to take off for family needs

Points négatifs

Angry tax payers
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Great entry level job with confirmed advancement potential

Looking to grow with a very stable organization? The CRA offers stability. Work environment is collaborative. You'll grow a lot personally as you deal with a wide-range of emotions expressed by taxpayers while you help them navigate complex tax enquiries. Starting pay is above average but not ideal for family with kids, expect both parents are equally earning. Salary increase is guaranteed annually. Great company overall.
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Stable but boring

Good company to settle in. But not the most exciting opportunities. Pay and benefits are quite good, and the transparency is well appreciated. Opportunities are hard to come
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Honestly I found being screamed at by CERB recipients so upsetting. I served for over 20 years and this job was much harder to handle as far as unhappy people go. Great benefits and sick days/medical leave etc but not paid enough for the abuse by clients
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It is good place to start but not good place to stay with call centre. If you got hired try to move out from call centre to any other area. It is stressful and you get picked up on your bad calls. Pay and benefits are okay but long time to work with Call Centre is worst.
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productive and very adaptable place to work

Good place to learn the in and out of taxation, and its pupose. Flexible work time and place since they allow you to work at home which I really enjoy and appreciate. Dealing with the companies that handle their benefits was a bit frustrating, since you have to do it online and and sometimes confusing. Hardest part of the job was you have to be very careful and be precise since dealing with refunds or amounts payable.

Points positifs

work at home allowed during pandemic.

Points négatifs

sometimes stressful
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It’s just alright

A lot of micro management. We are trained to be just robots... Other than that, it’s a good company to work with. If you want to have a position there to increase your resume, go for it. If it’s for a career in CRA, I would suggest to only use inbound/outbound positions as a starting point to merge into a different department.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Micro Management
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Great atmosphere and culture, boring job

CRA is a great place to work if you are content with a 9-5. The worklife balance is great, management is great, however work is very boring and repetitive. They have nice benefits and the compensation is good, but it is not a place where you can reach your maximum potential that private industries allows to get into higher salaries. Interview process is very long and slow, takes months to find out if you are hired once you do the assessments.

Points positifs

Work-life balance

Points négatifs

Boring and repetitive work
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Good salary

Provides a pretty good work and life balance compared to many other employers. The benefit plan(s) for employees is adequate. Would like to see more transparency and communication from leaders in the future.

Points positifs

Paid coffee breaks

Points négatifs

Lack of transparency
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Stressful but great benefits

Hard work, can be stressful but the benefits are amazing and management really has your back. Fair compensation, lots of days off, great health, dental, and pension.
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Good Place to work

This is the really good place to start a career. The pay is good and work life balance is there. The benefits you get is also preemptive decent as compared to private company
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Secure job, great work-life balance, but slow paced

If you want to advance in your career, not a right place for you. If you want to just relax and get lazy, best place to work. Great health care benefits, good overall.
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Extremely repetitive

Working in a call centre of any sort is no easy job, not for the job itself but the environment. The main focus is answering back to back calls from taxpayers in regards to their business accounts. This can get extremely draining after doing it for years, day in day out. The salary is good, and yes there is a pension but is it really worth your overall mental health? Not really. No support from management other then being micromanaged to the minute for breaks. There is not opportunities to advance unless you take on courses on the side.
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Work from Home

Job is very good, and working from home helps. My piers are great and helpful. Meetings weekly helps. Special events happening all the time. Overtime if you want great pay, time off with pay. Lots of holidays too.

Points positifs

Working from home

Points négatifs

1 hour lunch would be better than 30min.
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Fast paced.. lots to do/ always learning

Great experience to learn about taxes. Good salary and work life balance. Unrealistic expectations at times from management. Working remotely can be challenging.

Points positifs

Flexibility with scheduling
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Salary is okay to live on. Management is terrible, they say they are there to help you but clearly they try to hold you back. Find something better with security. If you just need the salary sure but after working so hard, u have no guarantee of extension.
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