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Why did you leave your job at Canada Revenue Agency?

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  • Early retirement. Wanted to do something I enjoyed. CRA great organization. However, very political and extremely regimented towards legislation. I was not able to contribute my ideas.

  • They kept me on contracts of 60-90 days, and waited until the last minute to tell me i was extended. It was really tough trying to plan and live. Buying a car was next to impossible because each employment and income proof letter showed only a few days left before the end of my contract. After 5 years we are supposed to be permanent but it’s too stressful to wait that long. I found better employment.

  • It was the end of my second assignment! The first contract was completed with success that they had me back for one more year after the first original assignment.

  • Office manager.

  • Temporary Job during peak tax season only lasts 2-3 months

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  • Unable to acquire permanent position... contracts are not stable

  • Lack of work only a contract

  • It was a summer student position and I left at the end of summer to go back to school.

  • Unfortunatly I lost my job at CRA to Government cut backs.

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