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Why did you leave your job at Canada Revenue Agency?

9 réponses

Early retirement. Wanted to do something I enjoyed. CRA great organization. However, very political and extremely regimented towards legislation. I was not able to contribute my ideas.

They kept me on contracts of 60-90 days, and waited until the last minute to tell me i was extended. It was really tough trying to plan and live. Buying a car was next to impossible because each employment and income proof letter showed only a few days left before the end of my contract. After 5 years we are supposed to be permanent but it’s too stressful to wait that long. I found better employment.

It was the end of my second assignment! The first contract was completed with success that they had me back for one more year after the first original assignment.

Office manager.

Temporary Job during peak tax season only lasts 2-3 months

Unable to acquire permanent position... contracts are not stable

Lack of work only a contract

It was a summer student position and I left at the end of summer to go back to school.

Unfortunatly I lost my job at CRA to Government cut backs.

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