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What is the company culture at AGENCE DU REVENU DU CANADA?

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  • It's dog eat dog. There is no support from team leaders since they over-hire term employees and renew the highest scoring. Since you're in competition with your peers there is no information sharing.

  • Production, production, production.

  • In theory, they want change.
    In practice, very conservative.

  • The company is a learning environment where all staff help each other. People enjoy their work and the atmosphere reflects that. People were treated very respectfully and all concerns were addressed.

  • Was in collections and due to our intensive phone calls with clients and corporations management seemed very relaxed and supportive as most of our stress came directly from our phone calls. In addition, they provided lots of feedback and really wanted us to succeed

  • Fairly liberal, advertises various holidays dedicated to tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion to its employees. None of its policies are forced on employees however, and every worker is allowed to maintain their own worldviews so long as they do not disrupt fellow employees.

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  • What is the company culture at AGENCE DU REVENU DU CANADA?