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Faut être fort mentalement au début. Après quand on a la permanence, c’est merveilleux
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It's okay company

Interesting thing about this job is that you get behind the scenes experience of postal service. Typical day - come to work and start sorting all incoming mail. By the time you finished there's a constant stream of people looking for their parcels, letters etc. Sometimes you might have a quiet hour or two, but mostly there's always something happening.
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Mauvais mauvais choix ils pensaient qu'avec dix heures par semaine je pouvais nourrir ma famille, en plus ils m'ont dit que après six ans peut-être j'allais avoir temps plein

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Environnement difficile, bon salaires et avantages sociaux

Relations employeurs et employés très difficile car tu subi des représailles si tu te tiens pour tes droits.

Points négatifs

Employeurs à aucune reconnaissance envers les employés
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Productive and work balance

The work balance is good and flexible. Managers are great, and there is excellent team work. Though systems are often inefficient, you can see how the people involved are striving to improve them.
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Friendly atmosphere; Lots of downtime

A typical day at work consists of selling postal products, inducting incoming/outgoing parcels, mail sortation, and delivery. Since it's an office in a small town, the workload is more than manageable. There will be times where you can be super busy (holiday peak-season), and other times where it is very slow (summer months, typically). The hardest part of the job is juggling between serving customers while at the same time sorting the daily mail. The most enjoyable part is when the mail is done being sorted - waiting for residents to pick up their mail and parcels.
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Great work, some people not so great

This is the best job I ever had but it's not for everyone, you have to be on your feet all day handling heavy stuff at a pretty fast pace. There are a lot of different shifts available but they're awarded by seniority, it will be a long time before you can pick yours. The supervisors are mostly really great. On a less positive note the workers are very entitled, some of them do hardly any work and some are bullies. Don't come if you're just there for the money and don't like to move freight.

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Points négatifs

some coworkers are too entitled and don't do any work
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Outside work

Mail career is outside job. It's lot of fun and flexible work. They give help sometimes to the new comers. Also some supervisors are so good whereas some not

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Points négatifs

Under pay
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Easy work, but to get permanent takes a long time

Work is easy( manual work)4 years or more to get permanent full time at processing plant.If you want to get permanent faster you would have to apply as a letter carrier then transfer to the plant if you want more options of schedule which include evenings and nights.
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Wonderful Place to work, Great Balance and Culture is Improving Daily

I started as a Casual Letter Carrier in Waterloo, ON. Right from the get go, I felt supported, valued, and cared for. I was told in training that safety is number one, and no one has deviated from that message my whole career.I loved working outside, and getting to know my city, like only a Letter Carrier can. Eventually, when I wanted to challenge myself, my supervisor guided me through the process and mentored me. I became a supervisor after 18 months, and my superintendent recognized my potential, and started to mentor me as well.The culture at Canada Post is improving daily. New initiatives, and proactive campaigns are being announced all the time. They acknowledge the errors of their past and active work with their stakeholders to improve themselves, on every level. Now I am an area Superintendent, and I still have plenty of opportunities for growth, recognition, and mentorship. I take a personal interest in the careers of all 96 of my subordinates, and work with them to get them to their career destination. Whether it’s managing our socials media accounts, or working collaboratively with international police agencies. Canada Post is an equal opportunity for every Canadian. Welcome all. The more we diversify, the stronger we become.

Points positifs

Benefits, Pension, Bonuses, Recognition, Uniforms Provided

Points négatifs

Can be a long period as a Casual.
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Good pay for the work you have to do.

Boring job at times and advancement is based on seniority (hiring date) and not on merit.Sometimes job is very physically demanding and tiring but does not require alot of skill.

Points positifs

flexibility, pay, benefits

Points négatifs

physically demanding at times, no recognition of good work ethic
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Treason by the Union

Day at work = routineI learned that like anywhere else in life, injustice occur and no one will be there for you in case you are bullied by the top management.I was completely ignored by the Union and no support from anyone in difficult times. The hardest part of the job is to give everything you have and getting bullied in return. Do not apply, save your life for someone who deserve you.
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Competitive wages and friendly staff

Typical day involves sorting, pushing and pulling on your feet all day. Coworkers are extremely friendly and supervisors are always around to help with your questions.

Points positifs

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Not fun to work with

Casuals are not treated well,Casual Supervisors are not properly trained and mean. So much culture inside the warehouse. The Casuals are the one working for the Company and the permanent employees are too lazy.
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Term position is all on me and the location that hired me doesn’t help or even think I exist

There is no opportunity to move ahead as 4 years as a term. I have to find my own work.And cannot return to work as an unvaxxed employee…. There seems no end to the Covid enforced terms. I would not recommend a term position job to anyone in Canada post unless they wanted a sporadic work load and/or didn’t require regular income.
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Good company but always look over you're shoulder.

I enjoy working with my co-workers and delivering mail and parcels on the street. Sadly the smallest error, or accusation will get you a 5 day suspension or fired. Having a union doesn't always help. Always look over you're shoulder when delivering mail, because they follow you around in undercover cars watching you, hoping you make an error.
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Bussy during the Christmas season and average the rest of the year.

High salary better benefits. Job security and friendly environment. There are different department to choose from so with the shift, whatever is best for your family. Management will accommodate you as much as they could if you need accommodation.
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Horrible place to work

Management treated letter carriers like garbage. A new letter carrier isn’t given enough time to learn the job correctly and is expected to perform as well as a seasoned employee.
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Great for entry level

A great introduction to the corporate world for a recent grad. Supportive managers and overall a very structured and reliable place to work. The management teams are great.
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Le salaire a deplorer sa fait 5ans pas de hausse de salaire
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relaxed workplace

Impossible to get hired full time, you have to be there for many years and may still not see full time status. They would typically call you in for a shift 10 minutes before they need someone
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