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Why did you leave your job at Canada Post?

25 réponses

The management at this job made me suicidal with aggressive and dishonest behavior and abusive attitudes. I tried to make complaints through the official channels and ended up being prevented from working for over 4 months while they string me along. When returning to work I received a review journaling all the abuse I had dealt with, but with me as the guilty party. I can't count the times that it made me sick how they treat people here. They don't pay you enough for the behaviour of your superiors, no matter how much they smile and pretend to be your friends.

I retired after 28 years. Loved my job, for the most part. But woud like to return as a term employee, however Canada Post, contrary to other government jobs,( and yes, I am well aware that as a corporation they have the right to do things contrary to other government departments,) I do not qualify as I am receuvibg a pension from them. They would rather train someone (only 4 hours paid by the way) then leave them to run a one person Post Office by the seat of their pants! Doesn't sound like good management practices to me. It WAS a great company in its time but it is top heavy now and serves its CEO and board members first and its customers last.

C'est parce que il y'a trop de grève et la manques de sécurité

I worked part time on the floor in the mail sorting plant in MTL. I’ve never been a part of a more negative workplace. Instead of showing up to work and doing their jobs, employees are constantly trying to find a way to screw the company into free money. Either that poisonous attitude has set in permanently or management team really screwed with the employees. Either way, it’s not for me.

Due to personal reasons I had to move to a different province. Took leave as instructed, was not paid on leave, now owe them money for benefits. When asked what steps to take for leave extension was passed off by both management and union. Jobs available but was told i could only go with in my union. No help was told I should go back to my old job, I would have been homeless.

Retired enjoyed my almost 30 years at Canada post

Worked @Gateway, Mississauga for three years as Technician, Toxic environment, high turn over, vindictive managers, theu rush you to complete tasks and micro manage your time.

I was attacked by an ex who got out of jail and he said he found me and stated where i worked and lived. It was no longer safe to go to work there or go to where I lived.

I love this job but I have to take care of my mother .She is sick that’s why I’m leaving this job.thanks

Worse place to work you can't find.Working during winter season is a suicide when you dont know your route.Walking for more than 12 km in freezing condition.As a term doing everyday different route is making your job harder.
Stay away from this company.Never again.

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