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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Canada Post?

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Stop treating your casual/temporary employees as garbage. We pay same union dues and no rights or benefits as far as leaves etc. is concerned. Unfair work environment. Either that or get rid of union dues as we are not treated in the same way. A union that is suppose to support the employees...only thing they support is the dollar and all other employees not the casual. No respect. YOu should be ashamed of yourself/

I think that the RSMC routes should be re evaluated. There are way too many that are too big. Smaller Post Offices are combining the smaller routes to make large ones so they qualify for a right hand drive postal truck. Then what happens when the villages grow and expand!? There should not be any route that is so big that the worker cannot be done their route by 4:30pm. They would like to be home for supper with their families etc. This way you create more employment opportunities for people. It also makes it very difficult for part time help to cover these large routes because a lot of contractors have other jobs.

The employees should not be responsible for finding someone to cover their shifts when they want or need time off. The Post Masters should be responsible for that. Canada Post should also have an OCRE for every post office that has at least 3 routes. The smaller rural post offices should also have their own OCRE that covers 2-3 small post office routes in the general area. This provides more job opportunities and provides a more efficient workplace so that the post offices aren't scrambling for help all the time when someone wants time off or when it's the busy holiday season and need help with the overflow of parcels and mail.

The parcel weight limit for RSMC should be lowered to 50 lbs max anything more than that should be picked up at the post office. The size requirements also need to be changed to a much smaller package size. Cannot fit all parcels with such ridiculous size and weight requirements in the vehicles to deliver. No Mail carrier should have to deliver mail and parcels in the dark. When employees are not getting done till 7:30 or later at night that is also a major safety issue.

Canada Post needs to make some changes to their hiring practices. Either get rid of the Aptitude Testing or change it so that it actually refers to the job that you are applying for. The 6 month waiting period before you can apply again if you failed test is absurd. Provide proper training for temp workers and training pay. The '75km within radius' to be applicable for a job should be changed to 50km.

Learn how to properly train the temp works so that they can actually be successful . instead you in human manager's decide to use new people for peek season then try to break them down with over working ,no help ,the list goes on oall in hopes that they quit.then the so called people that are they to help workers really only care about themselves. It really truly is sad .

Stop bullying and harassment

Maybe consider pro-rating union dues to temporary part time casual employees. If you only get called one shift during a particular month, your net pay is around $4.00 for an entire shift. Congratulations to Canada Post for being legally allowed to pay part time workers less than a dollar an hour since you are forced to pay full union dues whether you work that month or not.
What a joke.. its disgusting that they take advantage of part time workers like that.

The only reason employees quit is because of SENIORS. U guys need to leave because you are always so miserable. Management should look at the seniors work.

I had to ask for my 35 year pin and wrist watch. It would have been thoughtful if the manager could have come by to shake my hand. It doesn't cost anything to be nice.

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