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Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Canada Post?

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Yes they do require extensive background checks.

Canada post creating frustration condition for people. Nobody exactly know what is the process and how long they take. I passed the gta the 2 months ago I got interview call they took fingerprints every think but no further notice if i was selected or not . Keep asking people about the process some people say 2 weeks some says one month and some people say if you are not selected then they say no right away I keep waiting for their further process but never got any mail from them. Then after 1 month I email to HR then was told me that they hired someone else. Then I got interview for letter carrier. Same thing happen again they keep posting same job 20 vacancies but nobody knows if they hire people or not .

Yes, 2 weeeks

Must pass security screening.
few weeks. Onboarding is standard but poorly communciated.

Yes, full RCMP background check takes a week.

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