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As an on call temporary letter carrier. Are you paid a minimum per week for sitting around waiting for a call? Or do they expect you to go with out an income for x amount of time?

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You get paid for what you work.

You literally wait to be called in. You are not guaranteed or paid anything until they call you and tell you what the job will be. Once called in, you are only guaranteed 3 hours minimum. They could call you once a month on a random day for 3 hours, or call you in for a week or to cover a job. They can do anything they want...but so can you. You can decline the work. Once you are a temp, you just have to accept 1 shift within a 12 month period to keep your position. Seniority is based on hire date, not hours worked so even if someone hired after you accepts more shifts, they still must offer you the work first. Just play the game to benefit yourself.

Yes! Through E.I

Either or could also do a rural route or seasonal

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