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    Doug Ettinger
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    plus de 10 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    5 $ à 10 $ milliards (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Gouvernement et administration publique
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Adjointe aux poste in Quebec Province
le 22 novembre 2020
Bel emploi mais...
Tous le monde commence par être sur appel...très dure d’avoir un poste permanent ou à temps partiel...
RSMC (Rural and Suberban Mail Carrier) in Edmonton, AB
le 7 avril 2021
The workplace was very easy to work in, everyone helped each other when needed.
I was able to start and finish my work at my pace, but yet efficiently. This was because the volume of mail varied every day. The supervisors were very helpful in providing reflective vests and uniforms as needed.
Letter Carrier in Calgary, AB
le 2 avril 2021
Work and fun
Good company to workand helpful staff manager and supervisor are great. Timing are great . Work culuture is very good . I like working there . I recomend people who is lokking for job .
Letter Carrier in Ottawa, ON
le 25 mars 2021
Long term job?
It ok. Salary it good processing fromDay 1 to now have been very long. You have to be patient to have a part-time Position or a Permanent position they dont give a lot of hours
postal clerk in Mississauga, ON
le 22 mars 2021
Canada Post can be a great place depending on what you want out of life
Like any other industry there are positives and negatives with this job. What I did was general labor, at times strenuous and depending on the department relaxed and slow. Letter carrying can be quite a challenge, but if you like to be challenged go for it. It can be enjoyable but it can also be overwhelming.The key to working at Canada Post in any of the plants is to work smart, so as not to cause any repetitive type strain injuries or any injury for that matter. In other words, do not over exert yourself and do try to get assistance lifting anything heavy and take your time. You will learn ways in which you can minimize strains while working there, but you may be seen as lazy by some. The important thing is to protect your health and well being. Do your part, an honest days work, but find ways to minimize the strain.There is room for advancement as supervisors are always needed and from there you can climb the ladder and get into other areas of administration. Supervisors though, are caught in the middle between a unionized workforce and trying to give upper management the numbers they want. One of the nicer things about Canada post is a half decent pay rate and ok benefits. The pay is good for unskilled labor even though the current starting rate is lower that those who have been there longer. The benefits are also 1/2 decent. It is nice to have paid sick time and vacation as well as health coverages such as dental and prescription. Some of these coverages could be better, but I guess we have to be thankful for what we have.An unfortunate thing about working there is that it can be quite boring and repetitive. You do work with a partner/team a lot, but the work is not really engaging. If mental stimulation is important in a job for you then you may be bored. Some supervisors and managers can be difficult, but that is to be expected anywhere. A good union rep can help in these situations, but a lot of workers are unhappy with the union.(sad, there is strength in unity)So It is all about what you want out of life and what your needs are at the moment. Like anywhere else there is good and bad at this job.Hope that is helpful.
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The interview was very relax. **I applied for postal clerk** First the person talks about the job and what they expect from you. Some questions asked were: -Why would you want to work at post canada? -Are you bilingual? -Are you able to read and write well? -Do you have experience in a warehouse? -What are some safety measures to take while in a warehouse? -What would you do if the supervisor was in back of you telling you to go faster? -Give me a scenario where you took charge when the managers were not around -Do you own steel toe boots? -Are you able to lift 50lbs? -What are your availabilities * we talked for a bit but the questions are very easy. After the interview, I had to go get my fingerprints scaned and sign some papers Good luck! :)

Publié le 12 novembre 2020

Why do you want to work at c.p. What would you do if: You've finished your work early. You see a white powder. An emergency of some kind. Can you lift 50lbs. Er no.

Publié le 14 janvier 2020

For holiday temporary clerk job: Online basic IQ test with 10 minutes limit on multiple 4-choice questions, including picture orientation logic, memomorization test, reading comprehension of article, basic number logic (walk block). Then after a week, got fingerprint taken onsite for security check. Then a week later, scheduled 2 days of 8 hours each onsite training with general company culture & safety e-courses & hands on practice with warehouse carts & barcode scan equipment... etc.

Publié le 28 novembre 2019
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