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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Boulangerie Canada Bread?

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Exhausting, almost slave like conditions. Company is full of very desperate recent arrivals who know little of their rights as a citizen. Supervisors are unbearable, 3 or 4 supervisors will call you into their office to tell you the same thing. Horrid place, a culture of intimidation,senior supervisor Rajiv Sofat is racist, was told by a senior employee he puts all the Black people at the hardest positions and that he saw an email that Mr. Sofat left open on his computer referring to Arabs as sand N-word. A cokehead senior supervisor. Very unreasonable work at low pay.

The office staff seems happy. They collaborate on projects and travel to other plants. The floor staff are either very happy or very disenchanted. Not given many opportunities to be involved in safety and there is a concern some HR practices are too harsh.

Good and well balance

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