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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Canad Inns?

4 réponses

  • Not very long always looking for new staff due to work environment which is not very good.

  • Interview, Orientation (with presentations on company policies), overall, about 2 week training process.

  • Just apply n u will get hired. And fired a short time later

  • Fill out an application at a Destination Center and hand it in with a resume and wait for the Human Resources department to get a hold of you. Come in for an interview and if it goes well, they'll call you in for a 2nd interview, which consists of Orientation. Rock your probation period and you'll do fairly well. If you just go through the motions, daily, they'll treat you like it. You really have to pull your weight there in order to have a good time. I learned a lot there.

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