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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement?

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Standards , policies and proceedures... What would you do if??? Questions... What are your plans for the future of your career, with or without CMH??? Where do your interests lie for your future?
Try to go in almost like you are interviewing the hospital, just as they are you... In the end, there really is no shortage of jobs for most any RPN out there...

If you want the most imteresting career as a Medical Professional or Support Staff, I highly recommend CMH or any other Hospital!!

I can no longer imagine my life without CMH, and the path that seems to be laid out before me.


A very long interview. I was almost mental exhausted by the end of it. But overall it was a very pleasant experience. It was also my first panel interview with three people asking questions. A little intimidating. Although I wasn't a successful candidate I would apply again. The atmosphere at the hospital seemed very pleasant.

Long and drawn out. My predecessor was retired for 2 weeks before I was hired. Was not able to train with the previous operator and therefore still don't know all the equipment after a full year.

Aidez les candidats à découvrir l'entreprise tout en étant objectif(ve) et pertinent(e).
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