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Réponse du 26 août 2019

As a company it has great benefits and plans , but implementing it is very difficult as it is depending on department heads and principals . where personal interests come in place and then implementations go manipulated .

Réponse du 30 janvier 2019

After probationary of 6 months then I don't know when is next raise going to be.

Réponse du 21 juin 2020

A culture of bullying has crept into many of the schools in the CBE in the past several years. Administrators are hired with very little if any regard to their human resource management skills. Too many are hired simply based on who they know or how far up the ladder they have ascended. Once hired, in many cases, they are not monitored and the system turns a blind eye to the ways in which they operate their schools. Too many high quality teachers are falling victim to the bullying and excessive demands such principals operate their schools with. This toxicity then pervades a school causing an overall atmosphere of stress and anxiety which works all the way down to the student level. Year after year, more and more demands are placed on teachers to make up for shortfalls in budgeting and new whims thrust upon schools by the System and overzealous principals. When concerns are raised by teachers about this, the response is that nothing much can be done about it. As a result, too many teachers face declining health and are taking long leaves of absence to recover from personal fallout and damage. The CBE quite clearly does not value its employee base nearly as it should to ensure an excellent employer status.

Réponse du 6 juillet 2019

Educational Assistant degree or related experience

Réponse du 8 octobre 2018

Experience based questions . some principals are really very selfish or very personal and only think about their own benefits . when it comes to organisations hiring , they should have broad spectrum and think about the whole cbe as such verses just one specific student or event or situation. cos once hired u are expected to behave in the interest of the organisation and its safety

Réponse du 1 février 2019
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