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Installation et maintenance

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Installation et maintenance

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Mécanicien(ne) de Chantier à L'entretien
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SENIOR TEAM in Calgary, AB
le 26 juin 2020
Fast Paced environment, where everyone can find a job that suites their skills and availability.
A very friendly and responsible environment. A lot of the jobs are for full-time positions and require a tedious amount of work. Very minimal room for error, the job is taken very seriously as most are high-risk jobs such as rides operating. Managers and Leads are all very kind and approachable.
Concessions Team Member in Concessions
le 21 novembre 2020
Loved the people, hated the job
Working at Calaway was a good and bad experience. I really enjoyed the people I got to work with and the amount of money I made working there due to scheduled hours was great, but that was about it. The customers were always impolite, the hours were long with only a half an hour break (which was an actual 10 minute break because you had to walk all the way to the employee lounge and back to your work spot), and the uniforms were uncomfortable. Also the managers and leads didn’t care if you needed help and trying to reach Warehouse was annoying because they would either never pick up or bring the things you needed. I would only recommend working there for the work experience and the money.
Games Team Member in Calgary, AB
le 6 novembre 2020
Amazing and fun place to work, very caring environment
I didn't work at Calaway for very long. Due to covid-19, it was pretty slow compared to when I visited the park as a guest. I prefer a fast-paced environment. But while I was there I can happily say that that it was the best place I have ever worked. Employees are eager to work together and to make sure all staff and guests have an amazing time at the park. Calaway is the perfect summer job, especially if you're new to work because their training is very in-depth. Management is incredible when working with concerns from staff and guests.
Rides Operator in Calgary, AB
le 26 septembre 2020
Racist Family Owned Company
I worked there for one season and had a very terrible experience. After being told by one of there lead on my training day that I’m allowed to wear an Apple Watch and I buy one for the job they say it’s not allowed. 300$ wasted because of bad communication on there part. They took 20 EXTRA days to give me my second pay check due to an error at the bank and then proceeded to charge me 15$ (which is a whole hour of my work, and working there is NOT EASY) because it took THEM so long. Not only that but they didn’t tell me they were charging me until after they already did. They told me it would take 7-10 business days to track my money and then after those 10 days I was told that process requires them to charge me. They have a policy of after 3 call ins you are fired. After my first call in I received several threats from the management team saying I was not a reliable worker. I spoke with many of my coworkers and I realized the ones of colour experienced similar issues with their pay and the way they were treated vs. The white staff. This family owned business DOES NOT care about their employees. My coworkers under the age of 18 were being taxed 400$+ from there pay. Extremely terrible work environment and people.
Cinemagic 3D Host in Calgary, AB
le 2 juillet 2020
Fun Fast Paced Work Environment for High School Students and Grads
Calaway Park is an extraordinary place to work. Operations at Calaway are fast-paced and exciting while remaining fun. Their expectations are high, but that helps their employees learn about the work environment. The management is friendly and approachable; they're always willing to listen and help with any issues that may arise. The workplace culture is welcoming; everyone is warm and friendly, and I made many friendships!
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Is there a time someone was dishonest with you, how did you react and looking back how would you react differently?

Publié le 6 novembre 2020

Why are you right for this job?

Publié le 19 juin 2018

Why do you want to work at Calaway? Who do you look up to the most? Name a situation where you had to stand on your feet for long hours.

Publié le 26 mai 2018
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