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  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
  • Quels sont les quelques conseils pour réussir l'entretien?

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I loved working for this company! The people you work with are fun and high energy! The team I worked with are amazing at what they do and they always made me feel appreciated! The wages were a little lower than standard in my opinion but the people made up for that. Definitely suggest working with this company if you are new to the industry or want to learn how to cook.

Réponse du 6 juin 2020

They are very flexible and understanding of work hours.

Réponse du 6 juin 2020

Because i love the company

Réponse du 23 mai 2019

I personally moved up fast because there were the right opportunities. The management notices all your hard work. And yes people get hired directly to serving.

Réponse du 17 janvier 2020

The starting wage for a hostess in minimum wage. One can expect to be tipped-out be serves if they clean and maintain their section. Otherwise, raises can be expected after six months.

Réponse du 9 mars 2019

Piercings were fine as long as they weren't super gaudy. I also dyed my hair a few bright colours while I worked there (which wasn't technically allowed). There was a lot of wiggle room re: dress code, especially if you were good at your job.

Réponse du 18 février 2019

It's super fast paced so be ready to work

Réponse du 25 avril 2019

Anything somewhat nice. They hire everyone.

Réponse du 10 juin 2018
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