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What is the company culture at Buy Low Foods?

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Head Office is Great, the problem is the employees they have to Hire for Management because there is a over all lack of skill and work ethic. I just quit recently. I took a position as a second man in the meat dept. The Manager they hired was completely worthless and expected everyone else to do the job except him. Paper work and emails were always his excuse. Come and go when he pleased and talked and spead rumors all the time.Brought things outside that were personal and made it affect my job and others! In the common sence he was a bully... I personally would have not ever given this person a management job ever!.or neither i would have Stepped down as a Meat Manger
And would still be working for Buylow/Nesters.But the Store Manager was great and all the supervisors at head office i worked with are second to none. Wages are great if you work hard and want to succeed and lots of room for advancement. I would recommend working for Buylow Foods/Nesters Market. Just have to learn the company policies and there programs and follow them to a tee

Unfriendly for the most part. Managers yelled at workers in front of customers. Very particular on the 10 feet away service.

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