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Shift Manager90 avis
Canada90 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Nice staff and managers

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I work ar BK as a teenager The schedule was flexible . I met alot of wonderful people . My co workers and managers were all awesome. I was sad it closed
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Work life

Fantastic people was my first time in New Brunswick and was amazing people I met can’t wait to go back and work with them soon they were like family too

Points positifs

Half off lunches
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Its ok if you need a job

The job is very stressful and you are doing work that isn’t worth it for the amount you get payed. Management is very flip floppy on how they act towards you depending on how well you get along. Overall not a very good environment to work mentally.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Don’t respect days off, expect to be called in at some point
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Its a lot of work to do

terrible when enough staff are not there in a shift and dealing with cx is a really task being as a manager. Work environment is okay not too bad, but the pay is less can give at least 20/hr.
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Productive and fun

It’s a great experience to work at Burger King . It’s fast paced work and needs a active person for this job. I really enjoy to work here. All people are very helpful

Points positifs

Free meals

Points négatifs

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Fun workplace

Employee’s support each other, sometimes we had labour shortage. Management is quite helpful. Rest of things are like in a typical fast food restaurant.
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Very fun work environment. Happy people!

This is a great place to work to gain experience and if you're looking for a place to start a career. They teach students what to expect in a work place.

Points positifs

Great people

Points négatifs

Fast work environment
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Burger King 560 Two Nation

Egoistic Management Full of non sense , Believe themselves as queen of Canada.No professionalism No sense of talking No mature behaviour FMI needs to change management thereOtherwise this store is going to be banned for good.

Points négatifs

All time yelling, Do your job and treat managers as queens of Disney Land.
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Overall experience was great. Management was good, listen to their employees. Overall experience was great. There was job security which brings more satisfaction.
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Productive and fun workplace

My experience of working as a shift manager in Burger King is great. The work environment is very productive with an opportunity to grow. Moreover, each and every employee is treated fairly and is being respected.
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Not A good place for long term

I worked In bk for about 2 years as a shift manager. People were fun to work with suppotive and encouraged but the management was very bad. Management was discouraged, demotivative. After 2 years I had to move to different place and I asked for transfer but they didn't provide one. I wouldn't recommend some one who is willing to work for long periods. There is no future no advancement no support of management. It's not just manager above manager aswell.
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Good but could be better

My experience personally was probably far more positive than others at my storeManagement was very understanding with how much time i needed to be able to have with my child and worked with me every step of the way. Management promoted more of a family>function style which was great, but doesn’t work well in the industry.Despite being promoted my wage was only raised by $0.10, no benefits or anything despite taking on x4 the work load.

Points positifs

Paid lunches if you’re called in

Points négatifs

Stressful, unfair wages
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work place-great

It is a decent job but not paid enough. Employers are nice. I have been in burger king for long time. Its nice to work here especially for the students to start with.
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Good place to work as a student

Good place to work as a student . Staff is helpful and nice. Management is okay. No advancement and very less pay. Rush hours are crazy but you learn multi tasking and customer service skills.

Points positifs

Learning customer service and free food

Points négatifs

No advancement, less pay.
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Decent place to work

Most of the management and employees are good to work with. Fast paced job. The store is usually understaffed due to people not wanting to work. You are always able to find something to do

Points positifs

Free lunches, friendly staff

Points négatifs

Always understaffed
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Best place to startup

Best place for part time worker. I work here for more than 3 years. Working environment is good, Everyone is so helpful. There are lots of benefits.
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Productive Stressful

Functional diversity it’s just the location that sucks. Lots of rude customers. They come to a fast-food restaurant and complain about foolish things. The location sucks.

Points positifs

Free lunches. There are options though

Points négatifs

stressful because of customers and sometimes management
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Fast paced and multitasking

Great place to work to gain some insight on how to multitask, work quickly and gain skills in the customer service area. Stressful situations may arise with customers, but handling each will leave you with good de-escalation processes. Good place to start if it is your first time working, minimal experience needed.

Points positifs

Consistent hours, takeaway skills include efficiency, time management, customer service and presentation

Points négatifs

Sometimes may be overwhelmed by a lot of customers and not enough staff on site. Long hours
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Nothing much to say

If you need some cash for supporting your study then this job is for you or for long term carrier it’s not good job. Don’t wast your time here. …………….
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Good Company

Increase the hourly rate of the employee. Give the uniform for Free to all. Increase should be done twice a year. Give all the staff the insurance benefit, not just the Management team

Points positifs

Good Benefit

Points négatifs

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Good for learning Management Skills

Training and directing team members to exceed customer expectations with fast, accurate and friendlyservice. Estimating and placing orders for food, equipment, supplies and managinginventory. Plan cafeteria menus and determine related food andlabour cost. Participate in the selection of staff and assist in the development of policies procedures and budgets. Handling paper-work and reporting financial records to the head office.
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Shift Manager chez Burger King

Estimation de salaire
18,11 $ par heure

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