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Winnipeg, MB60 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Was a good place to start

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Was a decent job to start out, there was always a bit of drama a schedule issues but that's what you get when hiring kids but it always worked out. The managers made decent pay from what I remember
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Flexible times

Flexible hrsDiscountFriendly staff and managersVery busy at times but makes the time go by fasterGreat job starter for those trying to get their feet in the door for experience
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Terrible management, lazy coworkers

Worst place I've ever worked. Was only there 6months and watched about 10 people leave. Management couldn't care less. Place was filthy and management picked and chose who to blame and had favourites. You could book one day off three weeks in advance and still couldn't get it. Manager would get mad if you can't stay late or come in off your off day.

Points positifs

Some nice coworkers

Points négatifs

Bad management, lazy coworkers
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Your peers make this job great

How good this job is depends on whether you've got fun coworkers and relaxed management who doesn't expect you to act busy after you've finished everything you were assigned. Easy enough work, teaching you some transferrable skills.
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Burger King

I was the king of burgers. It was great. I made burgers and flipped them. Sometimes I didn't make them and that was ok as well. I really like burgers.
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Fun workplace

They provide great environment for their employees and customers As I already worked at burger King They provide flexible schedules to their employees. This company values employees growth and development. It's such an exciting experience to work there.
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Fun and productive work place

Not many hours sometimes. The environment was stressful and pressuring. The co-workers were mostly helpful and good at teamwork. The managers and coordinators are underpaid but still good workers. My customer service skills were enhanced.
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Great work and learning environment specially for students who are looking for flexible hours.

Although I couldn't stay for long I was able to work while attending a post secondary education. You learn about time management, meet new people and learn skills that you could apply anywhere.
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Worst Place to ever work for.

It is one of the worst place to ever work for. You will be hired at minimum wage and the management pays minimum only because they are legally bound to pay the minimum wage.Restaurant Management is filled with scumbags, who will always be on your back to make sure you are working every single minute while on your shift and not relaxing even for a minute.Working overnight shifts at Burger King is equivalent to going on a suicide mission. You are the only employee working overnight along with a Supervisor. The Overnight Supervisor will give you a big list of things to do, which includes cleaning toilets to scrubning the floor. Plus you have to clean the deep fryers with hot boiling oil in it and you have to make food as well if a customer come while you are in the middle of your cleaning. You can expect 0 % help from your Supervisor at night shift and can expect to be worked hard enough triple the amount of work compared to your hourly minimum wage.

Points positifs

50% off on food

Points négatifs

Worst Management and worst place to work
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Always work as a team.

Working at Burger King wanted me to become a better person. And I've learned a lot from my managers. And how to mingle with my customers and team. I really had a great time working with them because we treat each other as family.
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Overall a good first job to have

The staff are great their. They help you out on anything you need. They make working fun we have a great time working. They are very flexible on their hours specially with me in high school

Points positifs

Very easy people to get along with

Points négatifs

Sometimes you don’t get a break if it is busy
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Fast paced environment

•Bad management (lots of favouritism) •No budget for the restaurant •If you’re closing, you have to sweep and mop the dining room, clean the washrooms, clean the drink station, and empty the garbages <-which is very difficult during winter because you do these WHILE DOING THE DRIVE THRU •Very understaffed, they cut hours, starting at 7pm, there’s only a front person, back person and a manager working.
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okay place to work

usually busy at work. I learned to make burgers, cashier, drive thru and dishwasher, the hardest part of the job was rush hour when working in the back. the most enjoyable part was working cashier.
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fun to work

fun to work in burger king and is a chill place to be. I've learned so many things in burger king and the management is pretty good but the hardest part of this is you get to do a lot physical of this job but the enjoyable part is that i get to work with my friends.
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The staff and volunteers are great to work and support in their ways of the environment its stressful and really fast pace it's get really busy from time to time

Points positifs

free lunch

Points négatifs

long hours
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very good co employees

Burger King is one of the most cheaper ad the best fast food here in Canada. I also make sure food are always safe and good. The store is always clean an safe.

Points positifs

free meals
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Friendliness of management and staff, Good environment Greeting customers with smile Every time neat and clean Great Food quality All employees well trained 👍
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Great place an free food

Our manager was the best the people where great an had a good experience with my co workers team work was always practiced an discipline was also involved

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

No cons
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was a great place to work

was a good place to work. not a great team player workplace. not fun to work at. over worked and underpaid. good place to work if you need some quick easy cash
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fun workplace with a lot of new things to learn

it was a good time spend at burger king. The people were very friendly and adjusting. I personaly got a lot of knowledge related to a food company, it also helped me gaining anexpierence.
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boring at times

first job couldnt complain taught me alot of cooking skills and team working drills to make me more ready for bigger and better oppertunities in the future

Points positifs

free burgers

Points négatifs

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