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Mississauga, ON44 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to work

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It is agreat place to work but sometimes it get busier as I have just started I feel sometimes hard to quickly make sandwiches but I overall love working there
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Very toxic place

During my time working as a crew member at Burger King, I encountered several challenges and had a negative experience overall. Some of the key issues I faced include:Poor Management: The management at Burger King was disorganized and lacked effective leadership. There was a lack of clear communication, and instructions were often inconsistent or unclear. This resulted in confusion among the crew members and made it difficult to perform our duties efficiently.Inadequate Training: The training provided to new employees was insufficient and rushed. As a result, I felt ill-prepared to handle various tasks and encountered difficulties in meeting the expectations of customers. The lack of proper training also hindered my ability to advance and take on additional responsibilities within the restaurant.High-Stress Environment: The fast-paced nature of the job combined with understaffing issues created a high-stress work environment. There were often long queues of customers, and it was challenging to maintain quality service while working under pressure. This constant stress negatively impacted my job satisfaction and overall well-being.Lack of Recognition and Growth Opportunities: Despite putting in my best efforts, there was a lack of recognition for my hard work and dedication. The company did not provide opportunities for growth or advancement, leaving me feeling undervalued and demotivated. This lack of appreciation made it difficult to maintain enthusiasm and commitment to the job.Inadequate Work Conditions: The working conditions at Burger King were less than ideal. The - 
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à Mississauga, ON
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Good place to work as a student

Good place to work as a student . Staff is helpful and nice. Management is okay. No advancement and very less pay. Rush hours are crazy but you learn multi tasking and customer service skills.

Points positifs

Learning customer service and free food

Points négatifs

No advancement, less pay.
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Fast paced and multitasking

Great place to work to gain some insight on how to multitask, work quickly and gain skills in the customer service area. Stressful situations may arise with customers, but handling each will leave you with good de-escalation processes. Good place to start if it is your first time working, minimal experience needed.

Points positifs

Consistent hours, takeaway skills include efficiency, time management, customer service and presentation

Points négatifs

Sometimes may be overwhelmed by a lot of customers and not enough staff on site. Long hours
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Treat disabled worker badly

If you ask them for support for your disability they a)cut all your shifts for 9 months and b)expedite a constructive dismissal process on you whereby they harass you more and force you to quit. They will not promote you for 10 years and treat you like a burden while at same time gagging you: they pick and choose disabled and play against each other

Points positifs

Steady work

Points négatifs

Humiliation, Gag orders, ganging up
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It's very stressful when it gets busy. Minimal employees. Sometimes very short staff.

Stressful environment. When employees call in sick, not enough staff to cover the shift. Sometimes you have to work short handed. Very friendly staff.

Points positifs

free uniform

Points négatifs

Long hours, with short staff
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it was a day when restaurant was very busy and i worked alot in correct manner without feeling any stress

my experience was quite good at that day because other team workers help each other and i made each and every order so quick.all the team members were supportive ,having friendly nature, speaks polite with every person.i had never face any problem regarding insecurity or any kind of discrimination.
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Productive and busy workplace

Prepping lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauces, washing dishes after food is prepped. Learned how to prep lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Management is good. The hardest part of the job is when it gets really busy. The enjoyable part of the job is working with food.
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am very glad to work at burger king

as a burger king employee i improved my leadership skills and learn how to maintain communication with customers and employees and i learned team work.
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it was fun to work there

it was fun bcoz my co-workers most of them is filipinos. but now I'm looking for different culture new invirnment and the store manager was so kind and it help me to grow more
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Friendly Environment

Everyone was nice but one of my managers really triggered my anxiety on purpose so I had to leave my job. Manager was nice and other coworkers were friendly and easy going.

Points positifs

easy work, friendly crew

Points négatifs

dirty environment, breaking protocol when it comes to food freshness
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Go fast

you have to work extremely fast here. the managers are extremely irate and will pester you non-stop. make sure you have the patience and energy to be able to deal with them.

Points positifs

50% off discount

Points négatifs

irate managers
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Great company

The company have now become franchises and no longer a corporate. Don't know how their managed now but it used to be a great company to work for as I grew with the company into management
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Its alright

They're pretty good. They treat you well and give you the proper amount of hours that you ask for. It's not difficult to work, but it teaches you more about customer service and discipline.
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productive and easy going workplace

a typical day at work would be starting out prepping all of the vegetables that is needed on stock. cleaning all the grills and ovens. i learned to keep up the pace with customers fluctuation. the workplace culture is mixed from young adults to adults. the hardest part of the job was washing dishes while being wet and exposed to the cold weather when another employee leaves the back door open to throw out the garbage.

Points positifs

flexible managers

Points négatifs

stocking up
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very fun place to work

happy place to work at. can be difficult sometimes depends on the customer. great place to learn customer service. the hardest part of the job was when things weren't organized.
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a typical day at work

mostly consisted of three or four people on shift including a manager. we are required to work as a team to ensure customer satisfaction. at the end of the night we all take separate responsibilities, to close down the restaurant and have it prepared for the next morning.

Points positifs

friendly employees who can relate to you

Points négatifs

long hours, sometimes one person not putting in enough effort to get their job done.
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Typical day of work starts off not too hard, stressful talking to people, but later on you just have to learn how to cope with it.

A typical day of work here is somewhat good in the beginning, but later on it gets stressful. To me the Burgerking experience was fine. Lots of friendly people to meet and serve. I believe management was sort of an issue though, not only for training purposes but mainly how the managers impact the team members. Teamwork within the staff plays a role. In my work as a former cashier, I never sensed participation and dedication the nor the support provided from the managers. I have learned how to cope with stressful people in my time there, and minor time management skills, especially if you are trying to beat the clock in the drivethru. The most hardest part in the job was dealing with rude customers. The easiest part was closing shifts since there was not much people to take orders from. Other than this experience it was not too bad.

Points négatifs

Front line dealing with customers, job security, and management.
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Working there is busy, great way to learn problem solving skills.

Always busy, and different customers everyday. I've learned how to deal with stresses and obtained problem solving skills. The company needs good management, by providing better training and support from management. At work there is a mixture of different people from different places. The hardest part of the job was dealing with unsatisfied and aggressive customers. The most enjoyable part of the job was seeing teamwork of the crew and satisfied customers.

Points positifs

Free meals for managers and supervisors

Points négatifs

Unsatisfied customers
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Fun Workplace

This was a very fun and interesting workplace, I got to meet new people everyday and my co-workers were amazing. This place really helped me get out of my shell on my social anxiety.

Points positifs

Amazing co-workers

Points négatifs

less people on busy days
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hard work

You have to work very hard and its backbreaking with lots of demands..very hard to get managers attention..managers tune you out you cant even tell them you have to go to the bathroom or feeling new training cant advance..
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