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Brampton, ON62 avis

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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great first job

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Fast paced job, flexible shifts, supervisors are hit and miss. Pay is decent, for what the job requires. Company offers training and moving up within the company is there if you want it. Great first job!
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What is the best part of working at the company?Satisfaction or quality of foodWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Nothing it is always enjoyable What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Cooperation and collaboration What is a typical day like for you at the company?Every day weekend or holidays or national holidays
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It’s an okay job honestly customer service isn’t for the week . You have to go to work with a mindset of only money being made . Don’t go trying to make friends
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Expected to perform at maximum effort and efficiency for minimum wage.

Expected to perform at maximum effort and efficiency for minimum wage. You are expected as 1 person to perform the tasks of 3 separate employees for the entirety of your shift. This is a result of managers understaffing to secure their bonuses. Pay increases are non-existent regardless of dedication to the company. Expected to take verbal abuse from customers. Managers have directed me to inform customers that there was no manager on staff at the moment because they "don't want to deal with them right now". This results in customers berating low-level employees who have no authority to give free meals or even issue refunds.

Points positifs

50% off meals on the day you are working.

Points négatifs

No sitting or drinking water in view of customer.
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Rude Managers

Was an okay job first week, but as you get to communicate around more you see how rude the managers are, what you make compared to the amount of work you put in was whack. Managers talked bad about employees. Training system wasn't good, and managers would get mad at employees for things they did not know even though they never trained them in those area. employees get just 25% off normal day and 50% off when they're working and have a break (break only given if you work more than 6h a shift so 4-5h workers don't get that) so the discounts were whack too

Points positifs

nothing apart from friends you make there

Points négatifs

Managers are rude
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Horrible management

Most of the managers (99%) were disrespectful to all the crew members. I worked at 2 locations and both were very different but similar, I would suggest finding somewhere else if this is ur first job.

Points positifs

Easy to get someone to cover your shift

Points négatifs

You hate going to work
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I worked at the busiest BK in Canada, and the job was... a lot. I was an opener for two and a half years straight. Every morning I would have panic/anxiety attacks about going to work. They placed a high stress on those who opened, but not their overnight staff, who were always slackers. I’d run a couple hundred pounds of product up the stairs daily, even working with pneumonia at one point. I would request time off for my wedding, and they scheduled over it. I looked to advance and make more, but was always told I wasn’t ‘management material,’ but would be disappointed in their lower managers. Wouldn’t work for this company again. At least McDonald’s screws you over to your face. Not wait till you’re hired to load you with work that is above your pay grade.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Low pay, no advancements within the company, rude guests everyday
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I definitely learnt a lot of things by working there

You learn how to make use of your time more effectively, you learn how to work in a team to achieve one goal everyone is always in a hurry it’s a fast pace environment there’s never a dull moment

Points positifs

They give good hours

Points négatifs

Can be stressful and the management is not good.
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Stressful work environment

stressful environment and unforgiving staff when it came to mistakes. Hostile work place and unapproachable owner. Owner was discriminatory towards employees with mental health issues.
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Fast food-burger king

A typical day at work is taking and preparing orders for customers. It is a very fast pace job as everything needs to be done as possible. Its a good starter job when ur in school since the hours can be flexible with your schedule
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friendly environment

 Great ability in handling cash  Maintained an organized and neat customer area  Stocking and replenishing work stations  Made customer feel welcomed  Efficiently scanned and entered product data  Responsible for opening and closing the store  Welcoming and greeting customers  Operating a cash register
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Positive environment

The day would start of by getting greeted by the managers, and would be smooth from that point on. Incredible management, all three of my managers were very approachable. The best part of the job was working alongside very generous and kind co-workers. Hardest part of the job was keeping up to speed to ensure fast service, especially hard when it was lunch hour.
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If there's good people, it's a good environment. Although, if it's bad people, then the job will seem difficult.

The managers there aren't typically all nice, some are, but some are bias. Overall good experience, but my last 2 years pretty much were brutal. I learned to not do a job just for money, enjoy what you do, and respect yourself to leave a job if they don't treat you well.
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working hours are flexible good working environment I think in initial days hard part of the job is to assemble the whoppers and other sandwiches, enjoyable part to learn the assembling of burgers.
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it was okay for the most part

A typical day at work would be the employee making sandwiches based on what the customer wanted. I learned how to serve the community in a well-mannered matter, how to stay on task and how to respond to disputes. The hardest part about the job was taking out the trash during the winter, and the most enjoyable part of the job was the discount employees got.

Points positifs

Good Lunch

Points négatifs

Taking out the trash
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fun work place

very busy at times but always managed to get through the day.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

night shifts
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Good workplace

This is good for high school students who are looking to make a quick buck. You need to fast on your feet though, once you miss an order it takes a while before everyone is back on track..

Points positifs


Points négatifs

late shifts
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Depends on You

Burger King was a stressful job for me peronally, which is why I quit along with 4 other students 3 weeks into the job. There was no efficient training process and they just pushed me to be cashier on my very first day on the job which was whopper wednesday, their mst busiest day of the week because they have alot of discount and what not.
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Stressful fast food restaurant that was always big in population

As a worker in the kitchen, I had to cook prepare the food that our empleyees we're going to eat. It was a very fast paced environnement that included many responsibilities.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Alright Place to work at

The place is alright. I rarely get any work hours. The managers do not communicate with us when a schedule change has occurred. The other employees are nice to work with but they do have a tendency to talk about others in their in own language. For awhile my managers did not care to really remember my name and still call me by another name which is not mine. Good place to gain work experience at if you plan on staying in the fast food industry.
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Very stressful, tiring, customers are annoying. employees don't know what they're doing half the time. getting yelled at for something you can't help. made some friends out of it.

Points positifs

made friends

Points négatifs

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