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Management 2/10 - Staff 6/10

Most of the management I worked with was unprofessional (cancelling a shift less than an hour before the shift begins, I suggested limiting my hours of availability and if not workable for the team putting in my 2 weeks didn't hear back from management and was removed from the work chat with no notice, two managers not keeping things civil while working a shift together, and not having schedules posted for the following week etc.) and asked too much (praised an elder worker for not taking a single day off in like 5+ years and coming in 6 days a week if needed etc.). The staff are generally good but the managers made working there depressing and unmotivating.
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It was okay but stressful

It was okay lots of hours and customers were always so rude. people i worked with were so nice. overall not bad but I wouldn’t recommend for a first job.
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I was having fun and I am still. My Bueger King location is a nice place to work with. The only problem are tbe equipments in the restaurant. They are old, worn out and some of them are broken. It causes the restaurant's to struggle the operation stress the employees.

Points négatifs

Long standing working hours
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Ok environment with poor management

I wouldn't recommend any one to go there. They will assign random shifts to people, and if they find out that you can take some shifts that are harder than usual(like early morning shifts that requires you to do loading), they will repetitvely assign that shift to you, and no you don't get paid more than other shifts.
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Had a very fast paced environment, can be an opportunity to increase cognitive functioning and learn things in a very fast and effective way have to able to be deal with a lot of workload.
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Yeah, no…

So this job was fun at first, but they do not give raises, the do not do reviews. If you are sick they make you come in if you do not find someone to come in. That’s right, you cannot call in sick. Even if you are puking or getting sick in any other way. You have to come in or you get written up. The actually do not put on enough staff for a shift. Sometimes there are only three people working, and one of those sits. In the office at times. You can bend over backwards for this place but even then they will still treat you like garbage. They do not care about their staff. And it’s very clicky. They do not have air conditioning and in the summer it’s very unhealthy to be in the kitchen with that heat. But the owner is too selfish and doesn’t care about the health and saftey of his employees. 10/10 do not recommend. I could go on. But I won’t. Don’t work here.

Points positifs

One or two days off a week

Points négatifs

Unappreciated, overworked, and underpaid
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Everyone in the store itself is great and friendly

Could've received more care from upper management to help me succeed, was always told how i was doing things wrong but never received any feedback ir help to not make the same mistakes
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The management wasn’t the best.

They were always not giving me the hours I wanted either it was too low or too much. There wasn’t really a “boss” when we were working. But the salary was more than the minimum salary that’s a positive thing and u meet new coworkers

Points positifs

Coworkers, salary

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Good but could be better

My experience personally was probably far more positive than others at my storeManagement was very understanding with how much time i needed to be able to have with my child and worked with me every step of the way. Management promoted more of a family>function style which was great, but doesn’t work well in the industry.Despite being promoted my wage was only raised by $0.10, no benefits or anything despite taking on x4 the work load.

Points positifs

Paid lunches if you’re called in

Points négatifs

Stressful, unfair wages
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its good if u love to work in fast pace environment

it was good working there i had good experience learnt alot of new people and you learn lots of soft skills good work we do under pressure is more rewarding
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Great please to work, I worked there for 1 year it was a fun evviroment. All the people were good and friendly. Management was nice and accommodating.

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Pay could be better
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I learn a lot there

It was good to work there and I quit because of my schedule sorry actually I was fired because I didn’t show up because of my work orientation and they don’t have anyone who can cover for me and I’m the only one who was cleaning dishes for 5 days in a week my hands were really bad at that time and they weren’t paying well
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work place-great

It is a decent job but not paid enough. Employers are nice. I have been in burger king for long time. Its nice to work here especially for the students to start with.
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Toxic environment.

Managers and shift leaders have a lot of favouritism, they do not care about their employees and they talk behind their backs. Extremely unprofessional. Wages are low, managers make you work like a dog, does not matter if you have seniority or what.

Points positifs

Free food

Points négatifs

Low wage, long hours, no growth
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Not bad

Store manager wasnt the nicest but the rest of the employees were great. It got stressful at times especially on Wednesday but other than that it was a decent job but I definitely was not paid enough. Even after I graduated high school they still paid me student wage
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Hello i have worked an the Orangeville Burger King

The experience I had working at Burger King was okay at first people were nice helpful wanted to work there but over time they started to cut my hours from 9 hour a shifts or $100 then once you get comfortable Burger King thay will start to bring down your shifts/hours to 1 hours and that's once a week now would you go to it business establishment and get paid $20 for two weeks I have rent I have other things to pay for $20 from Burger King thank you for 6 months
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Not a place to work. Doesn’t give the salary. Discrimination.

Not a good place to work. Will not get the correct wage they are telling us. No tax return from the company. Stressful job. Nothing to tell good about the company. Manager is really not good for his position.

Points positifs

50% off on food

Points négatifs

No shifts Heavy work Discrimination Inequality
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Very busy fun and attentive restaurant

Burger King was a always a a favourite of mine was a fun and great experience and received a perfect year of balanced time and that something I was looking for in a great new job that worked my skills and always was a happy place to work.
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Words cannot paint the atrocious practices and morals that accompany this company. I've done nothing but give up my livelihood for these retched bourgeois devils for the past three years and counting as, at the time of writing this review, and I've made no advancement. Not to mention the mental circus executed by the crew, you'll doubt your own worth by the end of your tenure at the company (that is, if you get lucky to call this business your formal employment). They've broken me, mentally and physically. I've never believed in the coward's way out, but I'm already making my bed for the eternal slumber...
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horrible management, no training

horrible management and no training, you can’t learn everything from observing other employees, but try your best to if you need the job. good luck :)
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