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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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De base je devais gérer que la caisse pis les commandes des clients, mais me suis retrouvée a et effectuer les commandes, et gérer la caisse, et nettoyer les planchers en plains shift, gérer l'accès au toilette par les clients, pis enfin gérer les commandes en ligne et la caisse. 1 seule pause très courte de 30min pour un shift de 7 heures.
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Freshers good place

Good place for part timers. Basic pay. Not much hours for operation team members. Management keeps pushing staffs. They prefer staffs who moves faster around and do the works.
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Toxic and not a good place to work

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing it is awful to work there they invade your privacy What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The coworkers they never spoke English so u would have to ask them to speak in English then they start getting madWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Toxic management toxic coworkers What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful because u don’t know what your coworkers say half the time
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Productive and fun workplace

Food industry is food industry, free food nice team nice people bBad salary, opportunity to grow Hard work, a lot of hours, late shifts, rude customers, sometimes
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It's what you expect

The job demanded long hours on my feet, often in a hectic and stressful environment. Dealing with demanding customers and managing multiple tasks simultaneously could be overwhelming. The pay was inadequate for the work, the benefits were minimal, and advancement opportunities seemed limited. Despite efforts to maintain a positive attitude, the repetitive nature of the job left me feeling unfulfilled.
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Not bad

Poor management. Issues having the salary correct. have to wait till the next one to get the right amount. Management prefers some team members over others.
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Why would you work here.The equipment broke constantly, the managers never do anything, management and employees understand very basic english and are barely qualified to do even the most basic tasks.Floors rarely swept and kitchen appliances are logged with grease, disgutsting!

Points positifs

Used to be free lunch meals

Points négatifs

Employees no longer get free lunch meals
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Honestly not a bad place to work at. It's a burger place with fast paced work environment. Unless you're trying to get into the management position, this is just one of those experiences you can put in your resume for your first "official" job.
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What is the best part of working at the company?The people that I got to work with. The kids loved me. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?One of the managers was always in a bad mood
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Fun place to work

It was a good job, and It was a fun place to work. I worked with nice people and the managers were nice. The training was good. Overall it was a pretty good job
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Nice place to work

Fast paced work place, sometimes very slow … uneven sales… manager and supervisor are very supportive during working hours. You can apply here if your ready to learn something new.
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okay job, no stress. love working here no problem doing good i am just trying to do this minimum words. I worked there for a bit i think. Then I left
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Collaborative and Great Leadership

Everday work was smooth. I have a good managers with a good leadership, they listen to their staff and they can provide and they can make a good relationship as a staff and manager. The workplace culture has equality. The hardest part of working in the BK is you need to follow all the procedures and time management. The most enjoyable part of working is all of my co-staff is having a good time when we don't have orders.

Points positifs

50% discount meal

Points négatifs

always over labour
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Not super busy. Worked hard and had fun. Managers were fair, customers were friendly and polite which made it a pleasant place to be. Pay was ok. I enjoyed my time here
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It was a fun enviroment

It would get very busy because the location was in food court but at certain times it was very slow, when its busy the time goes by very fast but theres really not much to do when its slow.
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Fun times

Low pay, not great hours. Bad times! Was a long time ago in a whopper jr. minute. Yeah........wage was minimum. Staff were cool. Wasn't stressful at all. Cooked fries and burgers cleaned . Fast food.
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Work culture

Since the town is small, customers and people are polite and. I had fun work experience with my managers. Co-workers were also supportive and helpful.
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not too bad

good for students for a certain period because it is very tiring. apart from that, the MOST coworkers are very nice people and i loved working with them
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Nice staff and managers

I work ar BK as a teenager The schedule was flexible . I met alot of wonderful people . My co workers and managers were all awesome. I was sad it closed
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Ok part time job for students

Somewhat flexible hours - but had to find someone to cover your shifts if you had a last minute appointment or something else planned. Pays a bit over minimum wage. Training offered and usually quickly over a 2 week period. They’re not so strict on uniforms anymore thankfully so could wear comfortable black shoes and black pants with the BK logo t-shirt. Not as stressful as McDonald’s (worked both) but safety on workplace training not as serious IMO.
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Flipped burgers, made fries. Didn't get paid much but that is to be expected. The job is exactly as you would expect. Sometimes busy and sometimes not
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