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Cashier (New Brunswick)
le 18 avril 2024
The branch I worked at was not that relatively busy compared to somewhere in a big city, so it wasn't that stressful. Coworkers were pretty friendly and always ready to help you out. Manager was approachable
Cashier (Albert (80))
le 12 avril 2024
Overall the work itself was not that hard. i was fortunate enough to have a great general manager and assistant manager (cant say the same for the other managers). you just have to do whats expected of u and you'll be fine. u just have to have a lot of patience for the cheap customers who complain about 5$ whopper jr meal deal that you didn't even price but yea.
Cashier (Granby, QC)
le 12 mars 2024
Working at Burger King has been a disappointing experience filled with frustration and dissatisfaction. From the moment I stepped in, it felt like chaos ruled the kitchen. The management seemed indifferent, displaying a lack of organization and communication skills. Shifts were often understaffed, leaving employees overworked and stressed out. The work environment was unhygienic, with dirty equipm...
Cashier (Toronto, ON)
le 1 mars 2024
Loved working here. Great environment, staff was very friendly and I learned a lot during my time here. Busy work days but great if wanting to work a lot of hours.
Cashier (New Mexico, QC)
le 27 février 2024
The job demanded long hours on my feet, often in a hectic and stressful environment. Dealing with demanding customers and managing multiple tasks simultaneously could be overwhelming. The pay was inadequate for the work, the benefits were minimal, and advancement opportunities seemed limited. Despite efforts to maintain a positive attitude, the repetitive nature of the job left me feeling unfulfil...
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