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Why did you leave your job at Burger King?

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  • It was pretty fun to work here. Bit there was no confidentially among management. Entire staff would know everyone's business.

  • I was forced to put two weeks in because I was moving a far distance away, when I needed to take a day off to help pack and move stuff, I was yelled at by the manager. In 3 months of working at BK, I only called in once and was late 2 times due to timing issues. The only time I wanted to call in is when I got yelled at. I was told that they were now too busy and understaffed and I "Wasn't allowed to call in the day of" even though I gave them 2 hours notice.

    I enjoyed working at BK because there was personal growth opportunities, but the management of some restaurants could be improved.

  • Too much drama with the supervisor, who was verbally abusive towards other staff yelling at them in front of customers. Very unprofessional and it ruins Burger King's credibility.

  • Because i have two kids and the pay was not enough

  • They fired me for not being enthusiastic, but I already wanted to leave because my co workers never really helped me when I just started. I had to constantly ask how to make certain burgers, and would get left alone working the back while people went for smoke breaks and food. You don’t get any free food so I’d never starving on my shifts.

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  • I recieved a better offer.

  • Schedule changes with no notice, management, and lack of medical benefits.

  • I am still working at burger king

  • Another company called me and promised the moon, but the moon has been hiding behind the clouds

  • Yes I did not feel safe cleaning up Needles everyday and I had complained they said to sweep it up dont use my hands when cleaning certain parts of the wash room. Having to break up fights everyday and having to escort people out the store with them trying to attack me .The staff where very nice it was an amazing work environment.

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