Burger King
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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Burger King?

14 réponses

Is was a normal interview process

To have telephonic interview and then face to face interview

Based on your skills

It was good I was promised long hours and full time work but by the second month of me working there they cut my hours and I couldn’t even my pay my rent

It is a good process, however you are required to have a license to manipulate food.

Interview at burger king was so good and nice. as my interview was good and fine. The interview goes with the manager at burger king with the interviewee.

Best if you go meet manager in person. I got hired on the spot.

Very easy but it is under new owners now

You're shown scenarios and tell them how the best way to handle it.

You get asked like 3 questions and thats it

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