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Comment les cadres communiquent-ils leurs commentaires chez Burger King?

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  • Horrible

  • By promoting your 1 month trainees instead of you & power trips

  • Poor

  • poor

  • horrible

  • Horrible

  • They tend to yell at their staff. There is no proper communication

  • Not good at all

  • The specific process for delivering feedback from management at Burger King may vary, as it can depend on the management style of individual supervisors and the policies of the specific Burger King location or franchise. Generally, feedback may be communicated through one-on-one meetings, performance reviews, or team discussions. It's common for constructive feedback to be provided in a professional and supportive manner, aiming to help employees improve their performance and contribute to a positive work environment. If you're curious about the feedback process at a particular Burger King location, it's best to inquire directly with the management there.

  • Good management

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