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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Burger King?

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  • Busy, stressful

  • The work environment is slightly harsh, sometimes the management is poor and honestly, when the hours are not busy there is a lack of motivation.

  • If you’re a stranger to the rest, you mostly get ignored. Usually relationships aren’t allowed in the work place but my managers were in a relationship and one was pregnant. They don’t care whatsoever for your mental health and just expect you to suck it up and deal with it, and keep making food. Even when you have an anxiety attack.

  • Absolutely horrible! they give the most hours to people that they like personally both at work and outside of work even when they don't do their job well or procrastinate it; and when they don't like you personally they write you up any time you are ill and call in early enough and force you to do all of the grunt work

  • Very clicky. Newbies are outsiders even if your the supervisor.
    No comment on culture.

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  • Its greasy like most fast food chains but the people are friendly

  • Very welcoming, and interesting, although it can get busy.

  • Environment isnt bad at all, just make sure you are nice to who you work with but make sure you remain professional as well.

  • The work environment was very friendly and welcoming! It was a very diverse environment which I enjoyed very much.

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