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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Bureau Veritas?

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If you are able to impress them, there are chances you will be hired within a week.

Approximately one week. A screening call and in-person interview was performed and an email was sent out to offer a position.

The entire hiring process takes a month. Because they are a company based in another country, they have procedures and formats that must be met prior to hiring new personnel.
The publications of the vacancies are published in pages of employment on the Internet, then they call you to see if you are interested in applying and do the interview with the human resources area.

If you approve the interview automatically you pass another interview with the person in charge of the area that is making the application for the position. If you pass the interview, they tell you that you have to pass virtual tests that last approximately 3 hours on a computer. Then the result is sent to the human resources area and they determine if you are suitable or not for the position. If you are able to make a call and also send you a congratulatory email that you already belong to the company.

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