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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction afin que les employés restent chez Bulk Barn?

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Give proper wage for amount of work being done. Get benefits for the employees

Réponse du - Key Holder (Former Employee) - Richmond, BC

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I would suggest not cutting all employee hours while hiring new staff. Hiring of adults would be an asset to keep the store running smoothly. Students are great for p.t. but are easily exploited. Manager should also teach by example so I would suggest getting off the cell phone and office chair and perhaps participate in the daily functions of the store.

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Better pay and setting realistic expectations. But it's retail so it'll never happen. Stay greedy.

Réponse du - Corporate Store Key Holder (Current Employee) - Saskatoon, SK

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Hire a General manager , owners dont know what their doing.

Réponse du - Stock clerk / cashier (Former Employee) - Winnipeg, MB

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Talk to people when they do something wrong and don't lie to them, also don't abuse the probation end date.

Réponse du - Stock Clerk (Former Employee) - Winnipeg, MB

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Find other stock related tasks to do around the store

Réponse du - Stock Person (Former Employee) - Edmonton, AB

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I would suggest getting more full time workers there. Having more full time people will not only provide the store with better team, and the proper amount of people that should be there to help things run easier, but will also give those people an offer to commit themselves to their jobs.
Working part time, having hours shift from 8-25 a week is inconvenient, hard to work around and having a life outside of work it's hard.

Réponse du - pt cashier (Former Employee) - St. Catharines, ON

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