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Bruyère offre un travail valorisant. Le travail d'équipe est très présent avec un atmosphère de famille.
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Check your payslip and your some hours not being paid

Been in company for less than a year and I have so many hours not being paid you have to check the time you working specially if you are working overtime for this company
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Too many directors, not enough nurses. Poorly managed organization

Overworked nurses, no work-life balance, denying vacations but lots and lots of directors working at Bruyere. Much more for its size than any other regional hospitals, and Bruyere is not even an acute-care hospital. Bruyere is poorly managed from the top-down. If you are a RN stay far away, they will give you free snacks and food but will deny any vacation days you requested every time and mandate you to stay over your scheduling working hours. I learned at Bruyere that you have to stand-up for yourself. Nurses like everyone else deserved vacations to be with their families and to be treated fairly.
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Job Tasks and shift time not suitable

Working everyday with any shifts or positions isn't easy according to the required tasks into short time Stressful and make the environment boring and not safe
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Lack of consideration for people working there

Even if you applied for a full-time job (on the same floor same unit as indicated on your job offer) they move you to another unit at the last minute ALL THE TIME. Bruyere does not respect your contract. Your experience won't be safe for patients and you, because going to places you don't know is stressful.Colleagues with seniority won't help you to get info in general BUT those same people will prefer to report you on things you are not even aware of doing... So you get blamed, frustrated and lose confidence. There is absolutely NO SUPPORT from management nor staffing while you alert them about critical situations like understaffed situations, meals not given to patients... Finally, this is the only place I know in my entire career as a nurse where you do EVERYTHING with patients: wash them from A to Z because NO PCA making our days harder and risky for patients, difficult assignments interactions with the staff, admissions...and trash too. For the same salary rate, you can have much better somewhere else. I highly don't recommend this place to anyone, except if you want to lose your CNO's certification.
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Bruyère is an awesome place to work!

Bruyère is an awesome place to work with amazing people, patients and plans for the future. With historical roots as being the first hospital in Ottawa, you can feel the amazing culture and mission within the organization. The people that I get to work with are passionate about their patients, and our patients are warriors on the road to recovery. Overall, Bruyère is an AMAZING place to work!
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good job for Uni students

for the Work/Pay/hours ratio, it is a very good job, especially if you are in University. As long as you are a fun person and work hard you will do quite well here.

Points positifs

Good Pay, Good Scheduling, Good amount of work for the $

Points négatifs

Sometimes very Fast Paced, Union job so.. working harder = more work as your reward
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I love working in this company. Good salary. Very heavy on the floor but you can find help everytime.

I love working in this company. Good salary. Very heavy on the floor but you can find help everytime. They have special team to help you if you need assistance. My overall experience was good.

Points positifs

Good salary and benefits

Points négatifs

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Bruyere review

Working as a practical nurse at Bruyere has been a good training experience. The learning process is supported by more experienced nursing staff and a nurse educators . The job is full care. Hygiene care, patient transfer, medication administration, patient advocate, assessments, documentation, wound care. All of these accomplished within a time parameter.The work is heavy because the patients are heavy and have comorbidity. More PCA are needed to help with the physical demands.

Points négatifs

Not enough PCA to assist with heavy work load.
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Good organization to work at.

Very collaborative teams, managers are very supportive of the staff. Some units are more stressful and 'heavy' than other floors. The work environment is comfortable.
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Great friendly environment

A great learning environment with more open-minded access to certain resources wherein another place would be very limited. This, in turn, broadens your learning curve and exposes to many different types of systems.
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Productive and fun environment

This organisation is very well organised and productive in the work place. The management team is very supportive and is fun to work with. I personally think that Bruyère is the best work environment that I have worked in my career.
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Après un certain temps , on s’aperçoit que l’atmosphère est toxique, promotion pour des gens sans diplôme payé le même salaire contrairement à d’autres qui étudie pour ce genre de poste . Dommage mais il y a une “clique” manque de reconnaissance. La majorité des directeurs brassent des nuages. Les poste sont pas définie équitablement. Aucune possibilité d’avancement, Beacoup de manager corrompu,Beaucoup
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A full filling career.Staff was great to work with , helpful and great communication through out . I would reccomend anyone to work there, good benifits.
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St. Vincent hospital

Took care of patients social needs. Brought them to games, served them ice cream, walked around the hospital with them. Made some friends while taking care of these patients.

Points positifs

Slow placed

Points négatifs

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Loved my job at Bruyere!

Fast paced job, that could become quite stressful at times, however the great teamwork, financial compensation and supportive management made it all worth it!
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Great experience, I worked alongside patients and long term residents. Long term residents offered me experience to plan activities and duties to strengthen my experiences.
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conducive work environment

people are really helpful and help you increase your productivity. the teams are collaborative and help pursue al your interests. the work environment is also diverse the institutes also have a lot of enriching activities like workshops, employee appreciation events, summer workshops, etc.
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Really great place to work for I have nothing bad to say the people are awesome the team work is incredibly and everything runs smooth management is always there to help.
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Fast paced job and I love it

I really enjoy working at Bruyère Continuing Care, and Saint-Vincent Hospital, I meet a lot of people,staff and personnel are really pleasant to work with, working in telecommunication is a very fast paced job and I really love it.
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Health care

Great place to work, but can be very stressful working in health care. You get to impact patient care no matter what your role. Parking can be an issue, depending on your site
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