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Unprofessional workplace!

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Company would rarely get the workers full time hours during the busy season and would constantly be shorting us on pay every week. When I confronted my employer about it I was told to find another job.

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I was unable to find any positive aspects of this employer.

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Pay shortages, toxic work environment, and poor morale.
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Unorganized from the top down.

While working there it was tough to get on a roll or into the swing of things because each day was different and you never knew what was going on until you got to the shop that morning.

Points positifs

Park at shop and use company vehicles to travel to work site.

Points négatifs

Unorganized, low pay.
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Horrible managmeny

Had to good crew to work with there is a few good guys that are hard workers and have good attitudes. Management and upper management seem to not care about employees or operators. Lack of communication and total disregard for machine maintenance. I've learned how to do things properly at another company

Points positifs

Good crew to Work with

Points négatifs

Horrible upper management
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They don’t tell you everything...

They expect teams to hand dig as much as teams can plow in a day which is impossible. Machinery is scabbed together and breaks down regularly. New hires are paid on a piece work basis and are given a list breaking down what each drop is “worth” but much to my dismay that was falsely advertised as I found out on my paystub (which was far smaller than the scale would suggest) the week after I left for another job. I havent been able to get ahold of anyone in the field or the office to get the situation rectified. Not well organized, you are just a tool that they utilize to their full advantage, don’t supply water which is actually a labour law and don’t take those concerns seriously.

Points positifs

Weekends off.

Points négatifs

Don’t pay correctly according to the pay scale.
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Great season

Worked with there team in Okotoks last year, hard working bunch , lots of hours , learnt few things from the whole crew. We did the drilling, conduit work and landscaping before the fibre optic cable was ran throughout area of Okotoks
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Horrible Envirornment

Typically day with this company was 10hrs of full out labor with no allowed breaks other than a 1/2 hr for lunch which you will not get paid for. As a Landscape lead you were never in control of anything and daily you'd have different people that had no idea of what they were doing (not there fault) because management moved people around. The management pretty much out right lie to right from the start by having you sign a contract upon employment that states there is NO OT or work on Saturdays and on your 1st day you'll certainly fing out that is not the case! Also it didn't take them long before they started on about Wednesday to say the weekend was mandatory to work or you'll be fired and not to bother showing up on Monday. The hardest part overall was working with improper junk tools and equipment and dealing with back stabbing management. If you want to be treated poorly then this is the company for you!

Points positifs

A paycheque

Points négatifs

Poor Management, tools, equipment and learning envirornment
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Smoke in mirrors

Start off seemingly great but in the end everyone eventually leaves. The owners son is a cheap tight wad who wont make sure his drillers have what they need, so management has to go behind his back and go against him. Dont pay you what youre worth. Double standards are definitely there. I worked my butt off, went above and beyond my actual title of labourer with promises of moving up in the company only to find more empty pormises. great guys to work with but not such a great company. the benefits is garbage.

Points positifs

awesome people

Points négatifs

terrible management
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temporary work.

An ok company. But their work is only a summer job, as soon as winter comes they lay you off. It is hard to make good money working for this people.I barely made enough to get by.

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