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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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environnement très dangereux

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c'est un travail lourd et pesant. constamment fatigué chaque jour toujours être debout

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BBQ en été

Points négatifs

travail soir
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Excellent management, great learning opportunity and fun team

Browns is the only job I've had so far where I felt respected, appreciated, and supported. The compensation could have been a little better but for retail it was still really good at the time. I learned and grew a lot both on a personal and professional level during my time there.
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Worst place to work

By far, hands down the worst job I’ve ever had. Terrible work environment. Absolutely horrible management. If you are a cashier you can expect to do everything, including other people’s jobs with little to no support, especially from management who don’t even know how to operate their own standard cash system. Break times were also often short and interrupted since most other employees including management as mentioned previously did not know how to operate the cash system.Coworkers were all very catty, and would talk about each other, occasionally even bickering in front of customers. Very high school like, despite most of them being in their thirties. Yikes. Steer clear!

Points positifs

Discount, commission

Points négatifs

Micromanaging, toxic workplace, no benefits for parttime, rude unhelpful manager
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Good pay and benefits

The pay is decent and the benefits are good. Sales is competitive. Sales goals can be high and unreasonable. Management is questionable in their decisions.
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Great part-time Job

Worked there for two years. It really depends on your goals. It was a job that gave me a steady pay cheque and it had good shifts. No stupid 4-5 hours shifts. Solid shifts. Like any other retail job you’re at the mercy of the schedule but if given enough notice my boss gave the days I couldn’t work off. At my location there wasn’t a high turn over rate. My co-workers had been there for some time. Employee discount was good too. I basically worked for shoes. It was one of my best retail jobs but I didn’t want to pursue that line of work so I can’t speak to job advancement opportunities.
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Travail redondant

Le travail à faire est simple à apprendre mais devient rapidement redondant
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Très bonne compagnie respectueuse il ya toujours possibilité d'avoir un horaire flexible
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Management could be better but coworkers make working there fun

There are always high expectations of you as an employee and you will be called out if you’re having an off day. You have to be cautious with standing up for yourself if you feel ill-treated as this can possibly get you fired just as quickly as you made the complaint. Its not a bad place to work depending on who’s working on a particular day.
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Fun workplace

If you look for a secured and great job u can find it at Browns shoe ,family business and your managers thy treat you like their own family's and you can always GROW

Points positifs

Discount on their beautiful shoes only for urself
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Ok part time job

Males are expected to wear suits to sell $100 shoes, which is odd. Can be toxic and catty at times because sales are commissioned. Ok place to work part time but no room for advancement.
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Good retail job

Flexible environment, fun working with staff. Easy to pick up. Nice shoe discount that isn't restricted by value or frequency. High standards by management.
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Good Opportunities

Company Solid, Career Advancement Is Fair & Overall It Was An Helped Shaped A Lot Of Knowledge Within The Fashion & Shoe Industry. A Solid Experience.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Sometimes Stressful
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Extremely Competitive and Toxic Environment

Keep in mind that you will be micro-managed 24/7 and if you do not meet your targets for the week/month they threaten you that you are going to lose your job. No sense of team, it was very competitive to get customers to buy merch. If you don’t make your targets, they cut your hours. The only thing that made me stay was the discount to buy shoes, other than that, you are being under-paid and badly treated.

Points positifs

Shoes Discount

Points négatifs

Horrible Management Team
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Mon premier travail dans une compagnie de chaussure ennuyant et toxique

J'ai postulé pour être caissier au Chaussure Browns's à la Place St Foy. Au début, je faisais les tâches auxquel j'ai été destiné selon mon emploi : traiter les commandes des clients et faire les transactions. Mais au fur et à mesure que le temps passe, ils m'ont relégué à des tâches qui ne correspondent pas auquel j'ai embauché pour l'emploi: nettoyer les toilettes, les fours à microondes, ranger les chaussures, compter le nombre de clients dans le magasin, etc. Bref, la direction m'a traité comme un employé de seconde-zone. Je n'ai pas été engagé pour être un concierge. Au lieu de m'aider à devenir un meilleur employé, ils me laissent tomber. Ils dégradent mes conditions de travail et j'avais l'impression qu'ils font une sorte de congédiement déguisé. Quand d'autres nouveaux employés sont arrivés, ils me relèguent à des tâches ingrates comme nettoyer les poubelles. Bref, je ne vous recommande pas de travailler dans ce magasin particulier. Si vous n'atteignez pas leurs objectifs de performances après une semaine, ils vous traiteront comme un employé à jeter dans une poubelle au lieu de vous aider à vous épanouir pour devenir meilleur

Points positifs

rabais de 50% sur les marchandises

Points négatifs

La gérante met beaucoup trop de mondes sur l'horaire, les employés ne se soutiennent pas les uns les autres, je détestais le caissier avec sa méthode perfectionniste
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Fun place to work at but upper management isn’t too great

My manager and assistant managers were one of the best people i’ve ever met, there was some drama between them and others and one thing that definitely happens a lot is drama. Everyone is chill and really chill but the district managers are always hovering over everyone when they come by which is every week. The company isn’t horrible but they aren’t very in touch with the employees too well. Only thing i’d say to watch out for is drama and Competitive co workers, they rank us and show our numbers and really congratulate those who do well while the others kinda have to stand to the side and watch which is very depressing when you try your best. So don’t feel any way about that but be wary of people trying to compete for sales numbers. The company also expected us to sell multiple shoes to one customer all the time when people come in for one pair of shoes, nobody really comes in to buy 3 different pairs even 2 is a lot with those prices. They try to tell us to push cheap shoes or sandals with a pair of shoes which doesn’t make any sense. I also made a lot of good friends there, you will become friends with your co workers and that’s one good thing I will never forget.

Points positifs

Discount, Hours aren’t too bad, being in the mall can be fun, good chill people

Points négatifs

Competitive, unrealistic expectations, hovering upper management
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Awful management

The amount of turn over in management was ridiculous. The fact that they re hired a manager after being fired previously was a huge red flag. They cut corners when it came to “accommodating” their employees. Upper management did not seem to care when problems were brought to their attention. They thought that because you made good money with commission it gave them the right to treat you poorly.

Points négatifs

Horrible management in store and upper level
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Workplace culture

Exellent work place and colleagues ,mánager super felpudo for me, Super fancy space, learning everyday each other, for sure great company to work.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Competitive in a bad way

Part-timers had to "share" commissions with full-timers otherwise they made you feel bad about not sharing. Most of the time you have no clue when and how much they take away from you.

Points positifs

contact with people

Points négatifs

read above
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No life

It's retail they don't really give you weekend off they ask for to much sometimes and you have no life after work cuz you are tired and you have to really sell to make commission
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Great pay, terrible manager

I would say it depends on the location you work at. Good pay and they do reward you for doing a good job, of course district managers expect more from you no matter what. The location i worked at previously didn’t have a strong manager and the part timers pretty much took control of the store. If things were changed back then when i was there i think i would’ve stayed with the company, it’s definitely an environment you can grow in if you had a great manager. Most of the full timers were pretty great to work with, but because of how competitive it was, you couldn’t always trust everyone there. The way the pay works is that based on what salary you are given, you have a set quota to meet weekly. The more you get paid, the higher your quota is. It’s pretty easy to meet those demands, plus there are incentives on top of your salary and commission.
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It Is fast paced and busy. Good hours. Management is good. Competitive and hard to get a raise. Coworkers are nice and I enjoy working there. Great place
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