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compétitif mais bonne équipe

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Le salaire est bon et les employés sont vraiment gentil. La seule chose c’est que c’est compétitif, car c’est un salaire à commission, donc pas toujours agréable. Beaucoup d’apprentissage
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Productive and fun workplace

Made amazing friends here. Worked at two locations. Only thing I dislike is the district manager. Overall, the work was okay but the coworkers made my shifts enjoyable.
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Stressful but fun job

A lot of extra work is put onto the cashiers. During heavy sales season, cashiers are usually pretty understaffed and lines are stressful to manage, but most retail jobs are like that. Most of the time, work is straightforward and the staff are nice.
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Regular hours, good part time job for a student. The same pros and cons of any type of retail job. Working in the mall is nice because you can get food
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Good place to work

I had a really good trainning and support from the management team. There is a lot of pressure to sell but is part of working with sales. Overall it's a good place to work.
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Fun place to work, enjoy interacting with customers.

It’s a fun and decent job, management and staff are friendly and helpful. Good place to start a career in retail, gain useful experience. Can get fast paced at times.
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This is about b2 shoes square one location

If you work in Browns, it means you also work in B2 shoes sometimes. The management is toxic, impatient & unwelcoming. They are very strict on the rules but overwork you for minimum wage and 1% of commissions. Even if you hit your sale goals and try your best as a Sales associate, you have to people please and be fake with management in order to get shifts. There is a no gossip rule, but honestly that is all management did in B2. The job can be emotionally draining even though you are only selling shoes. Since, it is commission based… they go above and beyond for customers but not their associates. Alot of full time employees did not even enjoy their jobs; they complained alot and were looking for another workplace. I liked connecting with customers but the team itself was the worst. The management are very strict about clothing you wear and the employee discount. You literally do not get paid enough to tolerate your managers’ attitude. It’s crazy how the main manager was so strict about the employee discount when the employees would buy shoes for their friends and family behind the management’s back. There is so much favouritism in the Square One B2 Shoes Location, I suggest not working in the environment. Don’t stress over a part time retail job that do not care about your growth in the company. I learned so much about shoe care for the manager in B2 Square One to just ignore me when I spoke to her. She did that with alot of employees and expected them to be overworked for minimum wage and a little commission. I highly suggest not working in Browns and especially the B2 Square - 

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60% shoe discount for yourself not family and friends

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the worst management, favouritism, overworked you for what… shoes?!
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very awesome

The coworkers are very nice, however the manager/owner can be very temperamental with outbursts of yelling and putting down workers which makes the employees work under the pressure to avoid these reactions.
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Great place to work at if you prefer to have flexibility in schedule. Management can be okay. Time passes fast as it is a very busy place to be in :)
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good starter job

good place to work if you are a teen because of the extra money from commissions but is basically capped at a certain amount to be earned since taxes are higher due to the nature of it being a commission based job
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Easy going

a fun environment but it depends on the manager and which store you work at. the work load is manageable and great management team they help you when you need it and doesn't matter how long you've work there, management is always there to support and help you
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good part time job

in high school and it is a good part time job if you like talking to people plus as long as your on the good side with mangers your good. they also give you lots of hours if you sell good. Ihave not got a bad customer yet but as long as your nice they will be nice back
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Enjoyable and engaging you want to come into work everyday, good clients. The manager are always amazing . The team is a good team. The tasks are not difficult
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Aucun respect des employés, beaucoup de violence et harcèlement psychologique et verbal de la part des gestionnaires.Hypocrisie parlage dans le dos.Donne de mauvaise référence lorsqu’on applique ailleurs et se trouve drôle de le faire. Un milieu malsain j’y ai vécu un cauchemar.

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Points négatifs

Violence verbale
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Alright workplace, management doesn’t often respect employees wishes at times

Would not respect schedules and ask for me to come in when it was my day off, staff was chill though. DM’s usually had a favouritism problem but overall fine.
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good pay good hours but the higher ups can be snobby. If they dont like you for any reason (even if they havent met you personally) they will do and find anything they can to fire you
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Fun workplace

Its a nice company to work for. The management is good. Sometimes they’re putting too much pressure on you but overall they’re supportive. Commission is good if you work at a busy location.
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Lovely manager

Amazing manager and great shoes discount. I have an amazing communication with my manager, always trying to help and to solve daily issues. Good training.
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Great Workplace

Employees and management got along great. Flexible schedule. Great work environment. Can get really busy but is manageable. One of the better places to work for retail.
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Not bad of a job as long as you don't disappoint them

All employees/coworkers are a mix of middle-aged and student teens. They are all easy and outgoing, everyone's open to helping you sell, and give advice. There will always be some strict-ish manager moments that push you to ensure you achieve your sales for the company and commission. If you are unable to keep up with meeting their standards, you may feel out of place or challenged working there.This job can fit you if you don't mind the usual quiet morning shifts but standing for hours which gets your feet really sore as it gets busy.Overall, if you are able to manage to keep up with some usual hard challenges in retail, you may be able to work well there.
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Good for students

Pretty good overall for a student who is trying to build his or her future. Good pay with commission schemes. Recommend to friends and family who want a good part time job
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