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Quel aspect de travailler chez Brown's Fine Food Services est le plus stressant?

3 réponses

It was stressful to go to work and wonder how many called in sick because that would always determined what kind of shift you would have. Becomes tiring after awhile. When it is busy all you can do is keep working and hope nobody gets upselt with the slow service and yells at you or make a complaint. You will get called in to the office and told about it even if it is way beyond your control.

Dealing with management is stressful and at times coworkers seem to get a little high strung. Totally unnecessary and creates a terrible environment. Would be nice if some consideration was taken to adress issues privately and not in front of other coworkers.

The most stressful thing is not knowing when you might get to work another shift which means income is poor at best. Cannot survive on this job alone so forced to have multiple jobs which can become hard to manage. Also, shifts can go quite late so may not be suitable for students.

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