Brown's Fine Food Services
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Quel aspect de travailler chez Brown's Fine Food Services est le plus stressant?

5 réponses

Always shorts staff and they cut hours, they cut position, but don't decrease the workload.

Stressful part of my job would be when others don't come in and there is not enough staff to cover the shift. Unfortunately call-ins are frequent so this is a regular daily problem.

Management does not listen to concerns of employees. The staff that have been there the longest are rude and try to make newer staff stressed out. They do not like that you do work better than them and try to get you into trouble. Management won't do anything about it. The working conditions are awful. It is way too hot in there, and always high stress. They don't notice anything you do right just belittle you for mistakes even though they don't really train you. They let the older staff train you and you then get in trouble for the wrong way they taught you.

The management has unrealistic expectations that cause alot of undo stress. They need to listen to their employees and treat them nicer and maybe they might stick around longer instead of finding other jobs and haveing to hire new people.

Working when others staff have called in sick and it is really busy but there is no help. Happens regularly and is frustrating.

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