Brown's Fine Food Services
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Brown's Fine Food Services?

6 réponses

Poor moral within the ranks. Seems like alot of pointless drama that nobody wants to deal with so it becomes worse. Some one needs to deal with the issues.

Interesting place to work for. I applied for Supervisor and got told, ain’t never going to happen. Good to know.

Alot of back stabbing by coworkers and makes for a stressful enviroment to work in every day. Turnover is high and lack of head office support. They are removed from the day to day business conflicts happening.

Stressful and demanding on most days. Quite a lot of negative and dismissive attitudes at all levels. Communication isn’t great.

High stress, skeleton crews, unreasonable expectations and dismissive attitude towards employee concerns.

The company employs many people that present themselves as being better than the next person. Not a friendly enviroment to work in considering this business focuses on clients special events. Plenty of opportunities to meet and serve clients and their guests which can be enjoyable.

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