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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Not Really all to much to say, just a place to work

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One nice this was you can drive the company vehicles home with no questions asked, the weird thing was the pay on the 15th and the last day of the month so it get really screwy with bills.
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Moving in the right direction!

Overall this is a good company to work for. Over the course of a couple of years my commitment to my job has allowed me to advance my career further. There are new managers now and they are working to turn things around here. New management means changing processes and people learning new roles. That does not come without bumps in the road but things are changing for the better.

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Growing company with lots of opportunity.

Points négatifs

Changing processes can be confusing for a time.
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Stay away

Don’t work here management has no idea how to do there job let alone tell you how to do your job everyone is very two faced and will cut your througt without even thinking about it
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Good place to work. Good group of people to work with.

I've been a Directional Drill Operator for the past year and a half. In that time I've drilled as well as use the locator. It's great work, you feel like you're really contributing to the success of the company. Don't let the qualifications scare you off, I didn't even know what a directional drill was. They trained me on the drills and I operate both the Ditch Witch and Vermeer with confidence. It's a fun job.

Points positifs

Good pay. Good crews to work with. Good training. Good equipment.

Points négatifs

Winter (but hey, it's Canada)
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Not the worst

Having a company vehicle is one of the only perks. Constant unrealistic expectations of new employees, rude and degrading management. No room for advancement, low pay.

Points positifs

Free vehicle, steady schedule.

Points négatifs

Ignorant management, stressful, low pay
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Fast pace working environment, and hard work. Headache in the offices like any other company. Too family oriented.

Too much family involved. A lot of favouritism. Management needs improvement. Enjoy working with the crews, but it gets old very fast. Slow work when promised hours.
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Great shop, good crew

My experience was really good. The job environment though tough, was fun, and provided a sense of accomplishment when the day was done.

Points positifs

Good crew, interesting job challenges

Points négatifs

long hours, dirty work environment.
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