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    Michel Ladrak
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    Transport et logistique
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Guideway Mechanic (Burnaby, BC)
le 8 mai 2021
I wish I read these reviews before I joined up.
Had to use old rotten creosote railway ties for stands under vehicle. Supervisor have keys to our locks. Would remove locks and tagged out equipment without consultation. Would happily pay a contractor to double re-diagnosis faults you found.Zero recognition after finding out I was right. Overtime goes to the favorites in the shop. They do not follow collective agreement.Collective Bargaining Suggestion. Supervisor lacked any real work experience in any shop environment. Shop turn around of Mechanics high. Repair information is non-existent. Literally zero, but, the expectation is that you know exactly how it works. Supervisor asked me to modify factory equipment and assume all liability without engineering approval. Had only 1 quarter inch driver ratchet to be shared by 5 mechanics. Repeated requests for more ratchets met with accusations of theft. Requests to bring in your own tools denied. Doing bandaid repairs with the promise it will be repaired properly in the days to come... Those repairs are now permanent. And, if those repairs fail, the blame falls straight back onto you. I was thrown under the bus right to my face in front of Management. Although the Supervisor was there beside me when I suggested trying this repair. Although Supervisor promised to repair it properly after the 1 shift. Fault was all on me. Management does not and did not care to read the work order stating my side. Given repair work to do in the last half hour of shift, and, expected to completely a 1 hour job in that time. Was met with an angry Supervisor for not completing that job or staying for free to finish it. Supervisor would linger at the bottom of shop to ensure that our coffee breaks were exactly 10 minutes as per Collective agreement. Same for lunch. Repeatedly and actively discouraged from helping fellow Mechanics on the floor. Each Mechanic is given a job and expected to perform all repairs single handed. Team work was actively discouraged. Which.. sounds so crazy, but, it really worked that way. Had to argue for clean up time before breaks(washing hands), pre-covid cleaning. The highlights of my day were chatting with Old Timers from a neighboring department, Guideway. I was Guideway Vehicles Repair. They tell great stories and I can see why they stay. They have memories about how great the place used to be. Now, they just wait for a few years until retirement. Mechanics on the floor were great guys.
Skytrain Attendant (Vancouver, BC)
le 10 février 2021
Not bad if you like to be anxious
I can't complain. Just like any other job, there's ups and downs. Best part is benefits and wages. If you're lucky you get to work with some amazing people.
Manager of Operations (Burnaby, BC)
le 12 novembre 2020
Challenging environment, but growth industry and fun
BCRTC is part of a growing industry. SkyTrain started in 1985 and has grown ever since with more than 1100 staff today. Work is challenging but also interesting because of the many large projects that are going on. Some may find all the changes difficult, but the leadership team is trying to do things differently. They offer good benefits and have proven to be a reliable employer when COVID-19 hit Vancouver.
Maintenance (Burnaby, BC)
le 5 février 2019
BCRTC (Skytrain) is a great employer
I have worked for BCRTC for 2 years now and can honestly say that this is a great company to work for. Yes it's not perfect but what company is. The company is actively improving it's safety culture and the work is interesting & challenging.
Safety advisor (Burnaby, BC)
le 19 janvier 2019
Toxic place
Really unqualified people in supervisory roles. Brtch has a very poor hr department. Lots of bullying and office politics towards subordinates. Worst place I have ever worked.

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