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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez BrightPath Kids Corp?

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The upper management do not care at all about employees or their wellbeing. No WSIB and no private insurance so if you get hurt at work, too bad. The speak up line is a joke. If anyone actually responds to your concern it will be months later and through a phone call to tell you that you are wrong. There is zero incentive to stay with this company. They offer only the bare minimum legal standards and sometimes not even that. They consistently go against labour laws and when it is pointed out to them the person who points it out gets treated like garbage. They are so wasteful, throwing out thousands of dollars worth of toys and furniture when rebranding but don’t have any money in the budget for a holiday party. The only concern for this company is money, they don’t care at all about staff and the children are just a paycheque.

Stressful! Children are often expected to do things strictly and precisely and are not aloud to just have fun and be children. They learn but it's a strict curriculum and often never changes year after year. They dont have much free time to play and to learn and grow on their own. This makes it stressful as staff get scolded if things are not as the management wants it. Its not fair to children or staff.

Fearing all mistakes is the environment was in! All I was hired for was Cleaning a classroom and I am a RECE AECEO & WITH THE OCBCC! The environment is chaos Right hand doesn’t know what the Left is doing!

The work environment, minus management, is awesome. clean, friendly warm and inviting. The hours are 6-6, two shifts and floaters.

The culture is very divers, very caring and teaches the children very well, until they hit grade school age.

Not an open or fun work environment. People are somewhat highschool like and try to clique up.

Don't work here!!!! Company doesn't care about employees or children. They will save every dollar they can and make employees take up the slack. Everyone gets a different wage by "bidding" for it. Then, we're told not to talk about our wage with anyone. This is another way they save on cash. There is a woman I work with who has over 20years experience as IT/ECE and has been with the company for many of those years, she makes less than I do! I've been an ECE, not IT, for 2 years and I make $2 more than her... I make $18/hr. Our last raise was nothing... 1.5% which is what the cost of living went up by. I got a whole $0.27 and I work my "blank" off!!! They expect so much and guilt you if you're sick or need a day off. Thankfully my front line director and assistant director are awesome but other than that, I don't trust a word the higher ups say. Don't work here!!!!

Very Good& very help full people job this company.

The work environment is TENSE. Don't get me wrong, the othef staff and the clients are mostly famtastic, but current management policies make it impossible to relax or enjoy the job. Staff are miserable and constant fear of being fired. Parents complain to staff about low standards being issued to the children, but staff have to follow management to a tee. Get yelled at all the time, trying to hang onto a job you wasted 2 years of college education to obtain and earn minimum wage. Never again.

 have never seen such a bad organization where employees are harassed and discriminated so much and people at top just ignore and treat them like anything they don't care. They don't care about anyone except for their salary. They feel like they are only made to be rich and no one else has a right to survive and live healthy and happy life. All the time they talk about how they can improve the life of children when they inside don't care about the life of employee. Its just like cleaning neighbours house before cleaning our own house.

It’s a wonderful place to work! Nice coworkers and excellent programs provided by the company covering all the developmental domains! ! It’s a happy place to work !

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