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Relaxed work environment with great

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Management was amazing, and work culture is great. Coworkers got along and are really sweet. Worked with a diverse group of girls for a year! Environment is more relaxed compared to other retail, but guidelines are much stricter. Store must be kept clean at all times, and piles must look perfectly crisp every night (you send photos of the entire store every night to head office for them to approve the visuals, and if its not up to standard they WILL e-mail you back to ask you to change things). Visual modifications were done throughout the day. Head office is REALLY strict about making the store look effortlessly neat. Manager is great for accommodating to your schedule. Work hours are flexible and perfect for a student. Looking "on brand" is very important because you are an "In Store Model". Actual modelling experience is not required, but you essentially need to advertise their clothes during your shift. You don't have to wear Brandy clothes, but your outfits + accessories must look like they could be from the store. A photo of your outfit will be taken and sent to head office every shift. Knowledge of products is also essential, because customers will come in with photos or names of what they are looking for. You must know the difference between the millions of different white tank tops. This location in particular is smaller, so you were able to learn from more diverse positions (even as a sales associate you could aid with stock, visual flips, inventory counts) If you are a reliable long-term employee, there's the possibility to move up to supervisor. - 
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Fun place to work

The staff is great and fun to work with, head office can be a little demanding at times, but thats pretty typical for a retail store like this. Overall a great place to work if you're looking for a good part time job!

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discount, convenient shifts
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Love it

I would work in the area of customer service and sales helping customers find what they needed. I learned how to be an understanding staff member and become stronger in the area of customer service and sales. The hardest part of the job was dealing with mean moms. And the best part was the girls and the company I was working with.
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