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3.3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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In my opinion working at brampton guardian was very stressful because wrapping the papers at first was too much and i could not balance school and work

Points positifs

Free movie tickets
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Bramton Guardian is alright, but not the best.

Overall, Brampton Guardian was ok but i do not agree with the low pay for the amount of work needed to be done. Other than that, it was a good job to get started with just in terms of gaining work experience.
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Very bad work to to

At the Brampton Guardian they push very hard for punctuality and precision but don't understand just how stressful it is for a 13-year-old to have to put in almost 4 hours of work after school just to give something out that doesn't matter much to the community. They are also very uncompassionate when it comes to being paid and when you can take a sick day
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Very relaxing part-time job

Working at the Brampton Guarding was an amazing opportunity to be able to get my first job & be able to get work experience. Normally one job would take one to two hours to complete at a very relaxed tempo. At the end of this day being a newspaper deliverer helped get my foot in the door for getting into the working environment & helped to improve responsibility roles.
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mostly productive workplace

delivering papers takes about 30 minutes and the takeaway isn't all that great. However, I've learned responsibility, integrity and, respect from this job and that's the major takeaway

Points positifs

short shifts

Points négatifs

very low pay
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it alright

Working at the Brampton guardian as a newspaper deliverer is good as a side job if you want to make quick cash especially since you only do it once a week every week for a whole year and depending on how much houses you do you could receive up to $100 at the end of each month.

Points positifs

once a week

Points négatifs

takes long to make papers
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Bad first job

This was my first job I ever had but the worst other than mcdonalds. Because they wanted kids like me delivering newspapers in freezing temperatures or snow storms for only $60 per 100 houses which is beyond below minimum wage. It was great that it didn't interfere with school however the pay was not worth it
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Good Job!

The job was great! although there were people that didn't want the paper, or they just put a sign out there door saying "DON'T WANT PAPER!" which was quite rude. Some people were sort of racist because when I would deliver the paper the people who were on there property they would tell me to get off and leave there property instantly! which i personally thought was racist. Overall i think the job was great, me helping out my friend was a good job me.

Points positifs

Happy people I was working with.

Points négatifs

Sometimes it would take 3 hours to drop off they papers
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Horrible job, wouldn't recommend it. Very low salary for barely anything, the boss was disrespectful and the people around who I had to pick the papers up from.
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Not so good

Very good job to get during the summer but not something permanent, co workers were disrespectful but overall its alright

Points positifs

flexible hours

Points négatifs

very rude workers
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Brampton Guardian was very welcoming to me when I first applied for the job position. They were helpful in getting me comfortable for the job.
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Ok Company

I delivered papers for the Brampton Guardian for a few months. It was an ok job to have while I was in school but it sucked delivering papers in the cold weather. Only did this job for a little while.

Points positifs

ok part time job

Points négatifs

cold weather, delivering papers outside
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Good job

It was a good job to start off with when I was younger but now that I have acquired more skills, I am ready to start working. A typical day wasn't the best especially in the winter when I would have to stay outside the whole time.
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I had the simple job of a newspaper inserter and deliverer, however, this job required a lot of time and effort. Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I would receive 208 flyers which I had to insert into a main Brampton Guardian newspaper, and deliver them to 208 houses before 7pm. I earned a decent amount of money and the job was quite enjoyable.

Points positifs

Flexible Time Schedule

Points négatifs

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Difficult work conditions for peanuts.

You get a stack of newspapers to put together and deliver but you get paid pennies for it. You do it in all weather conditions. It really shouldn't be something marketed towards children, it has a huge workload.
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it was a job that offfers me flexibilty to work at my own pace

i have learnt to work at my own pace and be responsible for that freedom. the hardest part of the job is to walk outside during the winter to deliver the paper
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Newspaper Delivery (Brampton Guardian)

• I deliver the Brampton Guardian Newspaper 3 days a week. • I assemble the Brampton Guardian and flyers correctly. • I deliver the newspaper on time and to the right houses.

Points positifs

Taught me to get my job done on time and be organized

Points négatifs

i'm getting older & not getting paid enough
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A fun and easy way to earn my own money.

Its a good way to earn some extra money. A nice way to get to know the people on the street. It keeps me in shape the exercise is good.

Points positifs

Earn my own money so I can buy things I want
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Fun and dependant work

Great way to build up a resume. With no co-worker it's a great way to learn to be on your own and know how to manage your time without needing a manager or supervisor.
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Good starter job for people under the legal working age

- worked alone - learned how to be punctual and efficient - hardest part was delivering papers during the winter months
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Fun Workplace

I've learned to become more organized and neat because I had to sort a lot of papers by doing the newspaper and by doing that I wanted every person that receives a paper will be satisfied that there getting a paper in a neat/clean form. I enjoyed the job because I was working with my neighbor and we were really close, working with her was great time because we got along and we worked in a friendly way. There is no hard part towards this job. I enjoyed each and every bit of it and the days at work was fun because I usually worked in the spring/summer so I enjoyed the beautiful weather. I love working, that why I really want to find a job as soon as possible. I just want something for me to do and start saving up money for college.

Points positifs

Free Lunches

Points négatifs

So much sorting papers, but got use to it at the end of the day
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