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Avis des employés pour Administration chez BrainFinance

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I've not worked at Brainfinance for a long time, but i feel very comfortable and confident in my position at the company. I work in the administration department, and i appreciate that while the management is great at clearly communicating what they want from a task, i am given my own flexibility as well and trusted to complete the task efficiently. this has helped me to learn how to work in an office environment and learn all the associated skills at my own pace.

my colleagues are all really kind and are always willing to help out when asked. i like that everyone here feels like they are all friends, so there's no tense atmosphere. because of the proximity to many restaurants and cafes you're free to go out for lunch and take a short walk for your break. the office also has a comfortable section with chairs and couches for taking a break or chatting with your team members.

there aren't really any drawbacks that are particular to this company; sometimes you have to wait for approval from higher up in order to complete a task but that is the same everywhere and it's part of working as a team. the building is in a neighbourhood where there's a lot of construction so sometimes the water is shut off for a few hours, but that happens very rarely. other than that it's very bright, clean, and conveniently located close to many bus routes and a short walk to the metro.
Points positifs
veggies once a week, fresh fruit and snacks offered all week, comfortable couches and seating area, nicely kept office space, proximity to restaurants, approachable management, seasonal events, pizza friday once a month, birthday celebrations
Points négatifs
construction in the area
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