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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Bouygues?

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Full time 8 to 6 p;

When you are starting they schedule day, then maybe an evening then a midnight. They do that to test you if you can handle it. I managed to then things would level off. However if you do not know all the 36 policies and security procedures you are gone.

Shift hours - the new person will be scheduled all the poor shifts - midnight's, then to days then to evenings then maybe back to evenings if your lucky. They have full control of your work life balance for the first six months as per the contract you will sign.
So get sleep whenever you can. If you have a family, tell then you basically wont see them for six months. There are 14 work instructions you will need to know thoroughly at your 3 month review. By 6 months you will need to know 25 different instructions as well. Hope you get a trainer who isn't burnt out or just does not care and trains you with minimal effort. If the full time staff dont like you , your done. Also you need to know you are walking into a Union environment which is dysfunctional at best. That Union is linked with the Duty Managers who pushed the employees to come aboard. BTW, the Duty Managers run the place - the operations center - the Bouygeus Manager is caught in the middle of the mess. So if you are up for poor hours, no sleep, lack luster training in a major operations customer service job answering phones and getting yelled by customers and your co-workers - Go for it!

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