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What are the perks offered by Boston Pizza?

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  • 50% off meals. Kitchen closer's received free meal on shift. 15% off bill when not working. Open bar at the yearly staff party.

  • No raises, 50% off only when youve worked that day, lack of empathy for any kinda of disorder weather it be mental or physical or gastrointestinal.

  • Working hard and staying positive

  • Amazing place for work and health care

  • Care for helth with good service

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  • 50% discounts on staff meals.provide free uniforms to the staff.good salary & opportunity for advancement if trained properly

  • Not the best place to work out even though you work for seven or eight hours he still have to pay for your food. That is not right at all

  • They offer scholarships, tip options, I won a television at a christmas party, and a snowboard. Once you get to management there are higher levels of perks offered I believe.

  • 50% off staff meals, occasional contests, some opportunity for advancement

  • Discounts on food

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  1. What are the perks offered by Boston Pizza?